Thursday, 22 April 2010

Enemy Coast Ahead

UK plc that was the coast of The Netherlands just flashed past below us. Whether you realise it or not some of us, most of us or all of us are not coming back for bacon and eggs. It’s not the flak or the night fighter boxes that will get us; this is a process of starvation. Starvation of the mind, body and spirit over a period of several generations. Unless you go with the given economic modus you will be unemployed and rendered unemployable. Only the brightly coloured fluorescent clothes of the chain gang will fit you. If you ask pointy questions you will be made an unemployee, your card will be marked; secretly. If you dare say, think, write or express contrary thoughts or opinions you will be gunned down in the dole queue, the Human Resource discrimination process or suddenly the tax man will take a very unnaturally close look at your affairs and fit you up.

Are you awake?

Do you dream perchance never to reawaken? Has your consciousness been filled to brimming by false memories implanted from the wall to wall soaps? You have no more capacity for real memory syndrome. For if you catch real memory syndrome you will be defecated from the scam and scheme of things.

How comforting the decades have been for us, snug in our beds slowly poisoning ourselves from the proffered lethal chalice.

I’ve been down the test cells again at The Needles on IoW, 6 years since I was last there and a bit more rust and flaked concrete is all that has changed. Silence and then the Black Arrow came to mind.

We did all this on chip butties, Typhoo and Tizer. Are you committed? If not you should be and will eventually be unless you wake up.

I remember and soon those memories and others’ recollections will be washed away as Roy Batty said. Washed away in the new legend that will be rolled out through our propaganda sewage pump in White City and Shepherd’s Bush.

Soon no one will believe that we could do those things, create such wondrous machines and systems so cheaply and all the while the GGT/Fabians had been plotting the dismantling of our technological know how. All our memory space will be fully occupied with Ant & Phekk and all our behaviour patterns will be moulded and shaped by the learned subservience and Pavlovian begging response implanted from X Phekker and Flagons Pen.

That is just our collective and individual memory, all destroyed. What about the deliberate destruction and nullification of our spiritual peace? Note this has nothing to do with religion, it is about a physical reality all humans share and that has been deliberately occluded and destroyed to keep us atomised and separated. Not to stop us coming together in some sort of commie sense, but to destroy our understanding as individuals within the great space of humanity. A humanity that would not allow the destruction of so many throughout the world by the primitives that seek dominion over us.

Now at this point I’m going to take an aside that is caused by having caught some early day time telly as I got the younger INCOMING!!!!!!! and protoadoptive INCOMING!!!!!!!s through breakfast during our trip to the IoW.

Animals, specifically animal rescue 24/7, the WWF, GREENPEACE, Penguinisers. Protected spaces and this entire whale banning stuff, not fundamentally knocking it apart from the fascist angle, are there to do two things.

1. Demote, degenerate, denigrate and debase our understanding of the value of human life.
2. By distracting our attention and warping our emotional responses.

This is just one facet of the multi layered omni directional assault on our psyches. Don’t give me any conspiracy crap. THIS kind of shit is what the goons who benefit from untouchable intergenerational trust funded wealth do all day every day. They don’t have to work or feed themselves or keep a roof over their heads. IT SI WHAT THEY DO ALL DAY EVERY DAY! THEY LOVE DOING THIS STUFF. GOT IT YET?

As the responsible owner of several large fleets of felines over the years I understand the urge. However I wouldn’t join any protest for animal rights, whale preservation or aardvark abuse action until I’d been down the UN in NYC and burned the phukkin’ dump to the ground with all inside, hopefully whilst they were sacrificing their children to Ba’al Hammon. Until then the whole kitty and polar bear cub circus will have to answer this question before I change my views. “Can a polar bear, a dolphin or rare Finchley termite, after a suitable period of training, deliver health care to the elderly or improve educational standards in the young better than any human denied the resources that those cuddly little tykes would consume?” Once the answer is yes come back and see me sometime. You know how to whistle, don’t you?

So back to the war then.

How do we actually engage with the enemy with a population that cannot wipe its own collective arse without a ten part reality TV show to demonstrate how? Most of them will fly directly into the sand on those Dutch beaches never mind being taken down by the Flak Turm and the Schr├Ąge Musik.

I reckon we might find ourselves targetted for eradication soon, we ask too many pointy questions and we will not comply.

We are human and humane.