Sunday, 11 April 2010

Isle of Wight

Early tomorrow we’ll be off for the byways of deepest darkest IoW. No, not what you’re thinking. I won’t be trying to bump into the great man himself, if he’s there. I’ll be reading and re-reading some interesting stuff whilst the peace and calm there soothe the troubled breast.

So before I scarper two (three) things.

Come on Westwood, currently he’s gyrating all round that 11/12 under spot 9 holes out & 9 to go... Man, was it really half a century ago the Palmer birdied the last to take the title?!!!!!

Voting for 16 year olds. Well that just plays into the destruction of voting and the value of the vote. Deliberate policy to kill our democracy. Remember they pointedly imported vast numbers of the unfree to destroy our country, so they’ll be making sure their progeny can get to vote ASAP. Then they’ll vote voting out of existence and the Anglo/Saxon way of life, so long imperilled, will be gone.

Then this from China.

LHASA, April 11 (Xinhua) -- Tibet Yurong Microcredit Company, the first microcredit institution in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, was established here on Sunday.
With a registered capital of 50 million yuan (7.33 million U.S. dollars), the company was set up with full funding from private investors, according to the company.
Targeting small and medium-sized enterprises and farmers and herdsmen,the company said it would focus on loans that was conducive to improving the livelihood of the poverty-stricken people.
By the end of 2009, China had 1,334 microcredit institutions which had extended a total of 70 billion yuan, accounting for 0.19 percent of the total loans extended by Chinese banking sector, according to the People's Bank of China,the central bank.

Well there will be farmers swinging from the rafters everywhere there soon. Remember what line of business Barry’s maternal line were in. Run out of Hawaii. This is the commie bankers setting up some more peasants to have their land stolen by their fiat money scam.

TTFN See you guys Saturday.