Tuesday, 23 March 2010

More AfNamSNAFU background

From today’s War News Updates.

A summary of what is going to prove to be another white feather on the pillow moment for any and all MPs who think we’ll forget about what they have allowed to take place in our name after they have fled Parliament.

I agree with the blog owner at WNU that USofA corp. is going to lose a massive amount of its military capability.

AND for those of you who remember, I have asked just what are we in UKplc going to do when ALL the USofA corp. planes, tanks, warships, satellites and the intel paraphernalia have been removed from Europe?

What are we going to do when big pointy nuke armed missiles based in Turkey, Israel and Saudi are targeted at us and we are blackmailed into accepting more refugees? I.e. people who will settle our land and destroy freedom.

Those with a keen eye and long memories will see in the current spat, which has been brewing nicely since 9-11, a very deliberate process of the Rothschild’s Corporate Entity in Tel Aviv aligning itself more openly with the interests of it’s ChiComm protégées now that USofA corp. has been looted for tech. and money.

Any European who does not get that fact will be in for a rude surprise when it is made quite clear that we do not have any claim to our homelands.

Remember Rock/Roth are eugenicist supremacist racists who cannot stand us. Their mission is, always was and always will be to identify the like minded in every society and use those assets to transfer all wealth into the hands of Rock/Roth. If that means dumping on previous friends then so be it, especially if those previous friends have got no money.