Monday, 15 March 2010

What’s connecting the dots?

SR and GV have noted that purdah will descend when the last free elections ever held in UKplc are called.

So for the weeks up until Election Day, May 6th?, we’ll be getting no news from Afghanistan.

That is the legend, but what if the purdah on military news is like the D notices placed on the news about child procurement and paedophilia in UKplc recently. What if there are more things going off than IEDs in the area surrounding Afghanistan?

GV notes that some bombs and assorted fireworks are now sitting on the shelves in a Cash & Carry in Diego Garcia just waiting for an order to rearrange the furniture and the optimal juxtaposition of human body parts somewhere in a city far from you.

Now as I quipped elsewhere the really big bunker busters in the 15 tons range are thought to be needed to go after the deep nuke facilities in sunny down town bad guy land, take your pick from our ready to go menu on who the bad guy du jour is, and thus bring the benefits of freedom and democracy to the heathen. UKplc will be held up as a shining beacon of advanced human suffrage to those suffering.

I don’t know about you but I’ve always been intrigued by the size and shape of those big Mother Fucking MOABS. 30,000lbs of deep penetrator. They do not look right. Something about them says composite.

As you long suffering readers here will know, give INCOMING!!!!!!! two dots and he’ll bend space and time to get a line joining them. If, and all the public pronouncements since 9/11 concur, we are going to use nukes on people again first time out the traps then you don’t let a big shining mushroom cloud develop for all to see. You also do not let anyone clearly amass evidence at the moment of action that that is what you have done. No you need to disguise the event and allow the muddying of the waters as the MSM legend and the infowar rolls on after the operation has been completed.

If we use mini nukes to deliver freedom in Iran then their use needs to be disguised so that after the event the world can be told that the increased radiation from the newly liberated areas is as a result of the filthy Persian swine having nuke material at their sites just as we were told all along by the info heroes in the MSM.

However what if you know there will be no nuke material but you are still going to nuke the tech and technical staff with a neutron device. Well bring along you own radioactive slag and material with you in the bomb. One part does indeed burrow deep into the facility and go Kablang!!! The second part explodes at or near the surface and scatters dirty bomb fall out over the area. Sweet.

So in a week or so time the shutters will come down and we might never be allowed out to play again.

Though apparently unrelated, and it is a theme I’ll expand on as I unfurl that banner at the other shop, Russia, more specifically the never discussed complete spiritual divide that exists between the three new psychocommie monotheist constructs of the mid first millennium AD and the beliefs of the Christian monotheists centred on Byzantium.

Another dot which heaved into view today thanks to Dr.D at Sarah’s place was most interesting and reminded me that there is still unfinished work from one of the great projects in unwritten history.

What is that unfinished work? The destruction of the Orthodox Christian church by NAOHide’s agents. That hidden work informs almost all that Rodina comments on, and he’s talking about UKplc. Fascinating reading.

What do you think Zbig is? An intellectual? A foundation bitchboy? A politician? A public servant? A teacher?

No he’s NOAHide. He wants universal slavery and death to all who do not kow-tow to his wrong headed god..