Friday, 26 March 2010

Back to Formosa.

As I’ve mentioned before Formosa is on the first island chain defence. I’ve never been and before the missiles drop I hope to get to swan round the shop. It looks like my kind of gaff.

And as I’ve mentioned before we are going to sell them out.

That’s right. We clowns are going to abandon one of our own to the beast.


That’s what decades of Tavistock’s covert wellfare and warfare against us has achieved. Just like the Ancient Greeks we are going to drop the flame of freedom!!

This quotation encapsulates what I mean exactly.

“Taiwan represents every single political value Australia admires: democracy, a free press, a pluralist society, respect for human rights, equal rights for women and a productive and economically successful society that provides for the wellbeing of its own people.”

The rest of the article has some other eye opening delights about our home grown bitchboys' behaviour viz Australia’s. Also some little details about the Commie scumbags in the prison state that our “leaders?????” now kow tow to. (Right here, right now there is a massive grogging noise from your correspondent as his spit takes flight.)