Monday, 15 March 2010

Back to Afghanistan

Spring offensive anyone?

If as I’ve speculated this is a deliberate process of destabilising the SW Asia region a la Cambodia, we should be looking for a Pol Pot like figure to be working his way up through the chaos. Any takers?

We are there to cause chaos.

“Although Western and Afghan experts acknowledge that Omar, the one-eyed cleric, is the group's supreme leader, many Taliban innovations for controlling territory are probably of local origin.

Take, for example, an order to shut down cell phone communications after about 4 p.m. every day in four southern Afghan provinces. Taliban commanders approached the four commercial cell-phone companies in the area and told them to halt service or their towers would be blown up.

According to Mojdeh, the move is part of a Taliban effort to prevent spies from communicating Taliban positions to Afghan government officials.

However, it's also "to make sure they can get a good night's rest," the senior ISAF general said.

The Taliban also must communicate with one another, however, and their devices — VHF radio-relay networks that use hundreds of small antennas linked to big solar panels — have impressed Western militaries. The basic equipment is bought off the shelf in Pakistan or stolen from NATO trucks and assembled in the field.”

UK plc better be ready for a wave of refugees heading this way if Pakistan goes belly up. You think the immigrant numbers over the past 13 years were bad. Just watch!!!