Thursday, 18 March 2010

Interesting Iran Disinfo Today

“Iran Allegedly Tried to Buy Nukes from Pakistan

The father of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program says Iran offered his country $10 billion for nukes in the 1980s. Click here for the story, which focuses new attention on China's backing for Iran, as explained here, because Beijing made Pakistan's nuclear program possible.

China Confidential analysts believe China is not really opposed to Iran becoming a nuclear weapons state. China believes it can deter Iran from meddling in or threatening China over its own restive Muslim population; and a nuclear-armed Iran, in China's view, would counter U.S. power and influence and further assure non-interference by the United States (which China regards as a dying but still dangerous "hegemon") in Tibet and Taiwan.”


And from China Defence Mashup

Iran’s links to China include nukes, missiles.

Reading between the lines and for this you have to put your AntiRoth/Rock disinfo NVGs on to peer through the murk.

If ChiComm land is still Roth despite Rocks attempts to take over, then Iran is being set up through ChiCommland. The ChiComms will be complicit in a process of taking the Iranians into a resolved endgame satisfactory to Rock/Roth.

This is all part of a very, very long term game.

Remember that Roth through their corporation in TelAviv has been pumping Western tech to the ChiComms since the 1970s

Roth/Rock have been doing similar to USofA tech. since the 1980s, at least through, their corporation placemen and women in the US State, Commerce and Defence Depts.

Rock/Roth have been, through their banking corporations, taking the entire West’s free money, pension savings, and pumping that into ChiComm land to build an opponent for the coming conflagration.

So Iran you are on your own I’m afraid.

No wonder all the Rock/Roth are fleeing to South America to join their NAZI chums.