Sunday, 28 March 2010

More gunfire and sniper.

As you know there are several scenes of new gunfire and sniper erupting, Korea already noted, and a quiet little spat in the Gulf between of all people the Saudis and the UAE.

I have previously mused that there might a plan to set the Gulf ablaze just to stiff the ChiComms. On that scenario two items come to mind.

Firstly, contrary to the green propaganda, the world is awash with petroleum deposits. Even if we ignore Soviet adiabatic theories there are hydrocarbons everywhere in amounts that would make any petrol head’s eyes water.

So WTF is going on? I’ve no idea but this is germane to UKplc.

The amount of oil in the Falkland Islands’ economic area is of at least an order of magnitude greater than everything under the sands of Saudi Arabia. It just needs to have a barrel of oil at say 100 bucks guaranteed to make it viable.

If you think UKplc is going to see any of that money flowing through our treasury, like North Sea oil, well dream on.

That explains the big GTF from Barry Soetoro to HMG’s First Lord of The Treasury.

It also means that the Gulf could get torched or dumped with radioactive toxins soon without strategic dislocation to the Americas’ energy supply.