Thursday, 4 March 2010

Something has changed within the continuum of stasis, at least for UK plc.

“Ronald?” “Yes Margaret” “I want you to take over some of our NATO duties; you can do it, and get your UN ambassador into line” “Margaret….” ”Ronald!!!” “Yes Margaret” “I’ll need some satellite imagery as well, you can do that” “Yes Margaret” “And you’d better make it clear to any other party that interfering with UK Armed Forces will be viewed as an attack on NATO and a US ally” “Yes Margaret” “ And…..yada yada”

I’ve even read that Mrs T. told the senior Bush to get his arse moved when it came to the First Iraq malarkey.

“Hullo Bara…” “Fuck off!! “ Slam brrrrrrr…Got that? POTUS cannot stand PMUK.

Kirkpatrick, Kirchner, Clinton, Stroessner, Peron

Back then the USofA had still not succumbed to the destructive forces that were plotting to destroy the world of the free but the NeoConartists were getting their act together and planning.


Today UK plc is divorced from USofA now that the plan to bankrupt the US state has realised its fruition. UK plc has been handed back to Europe, or more precisely now that London City’s interests are ChiCommland based and the US is now a dried up husk the US of A corp. is not of primary interest for control through London City.

That will lead to weird situations if UK plc doesn’t recognise the real deal. Supreme multi facetted cognitive dissonance of the first magnitude. 10 on the mental Richter scale.

We believe we are the guys in the white hats. The good guys. Well unlike the movies the 7th Cavalry may be no more. What if LSSAH heaves up over the horizon?

1 No one realises that USofA is not a natural ally now. Are you a NeoConartist or a ZioNastie?

2 No one realises that Europe will integrate us more thoroughly though we don’t want it. Are you a Communist or a Sacramental Venetian?

3 More and more London City is aligning with the ChiComms; means UK society will transform into a closed slave state. Are you part of The Mandelbrot Set? You cannot escape. They need your sweat and labour and the borders are surreptitiously closed.

Now let me drag our minds back to when the revenge for Coronel was in the offing. The First battle of the Falklands

Next time we find a brew up down there the Spee name turns up again and guess whose bronze Nazi eagle has been causing a bit of a stir down that way recently.

An aside.


1930 USofA corp. about to descend into a Fascist coup against the president.
1930 Russia turned into a death camp by Commie Fascist NaZoviet psychopaths
1930 Germany GMBH about to turn into Fascist slave state

All thanks to Commie Rock/Roth NaZoviet bankers.

1970 Thankfully the Commie banker Fascist coup failed and after loosing 7 million in the depression and fighting in the BIG ONE USofA corp. exports consumerism globally. Though infected by Commie Fascists from Western and Eastern Europe USofA corp. is still too strong to take down.
1970 USSR continued to genocide its people in massive numbers and didn’t stop until they knew we noticed what a bunch of cunts they were and banned them from the good beaches and strip clubs.
1970 Germany GMBH has disappeared in a puff of smoke, where?

1943 Peron.

Back in 1942 Argentine special envoy Goyeneche met Ribbentrop. Specifically at Ribbentrop’s estate in Westfalen on November 30th 1942. Goyeneche is looking for support for a forthcoming nationalist coup in Argentina. However the really interesting thing that Ribbentrop says is that keeping the USofA out of the Malvinas question is paramount for Argentina and by implication the Nasties. Remember down there is Nastie turf. That's why we keep bumping into the fuckers.

2010 USofA corp. has been looted through London City.
2010 USSR is no more and looted through London City, check all the good beaches and strip clubs if you don’t believe me.
2010 The Fourth Reich is here and has decided to take out London City.

But what about London City throughout these 80 years? I reckon it has pursued a very, very careful policy of keeping its head down and spying out more easily manipulated bases. Just like the process way back in the 15th century that identified London City as an ideal base for future operations by the Venetians.

Its base of operations may not still be London City. It has a greater affiliation to Hong Kong, Shanghai & Singapore.

So Falkland Islanders the real deal is this. UK plc is prostrate. The Frogs are in cahoots with the Brazilians and Mercosur; remember who sold the Argies Super Etendards et Exocet.

Remember who the Spanish rat lines were run for and remember who’s forgotten all about the Munroe Doctrine.

Don’t forget the Pope is a Nazi. Don’t forget the CIA=FHO . Don’t forget these clowns cannot stop killing people in large amounts.

Don’t expect any spine from any foundation bitchboy sitting in the jerry-built shit house that is No10 Downing Strasse.

Finally; not mentioned in any of the above is that Rock/Roth might be about to have some competition for the first time in centuries.

When you look at the start of the 21st century it looks just like the start of the 20th century. Dead people everywhere and mentalist psychopaths believing anything they want.

Sacrament, repetition, ritual and ceremony.