Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Have you seen….

…how much tax you have to fork out in order to flee this country?

You can also be sure that the corporations behind the databases used by the Agencies supplying border control and immigration services have a list of those who are not going anywhere no matter how much lucre they can stump up at the airport!!! The names have been taken.

As I said to my mate Stuart the union man on a tube from Farringdon to Kings X over two decades ago “Now the Berlin Wall is down they’ll use tax to build a new one here”.

Each and every one of us, from the dead to the unborn, owes over 30,000 quid and we are not to be allowed to escape.

USofA is even worse, 300,000 bucks or more!!!

Travel restrictions and pass laws, using taxation as the preferred vehicle of disguise, are currently being enforced.

If that doesn’t work expect a declaration of war.

Viewed very skewed that is what WW2 really was for UKplc subjects.

Extreme travel restrictions.