Tuesday, 16 March 2010


GV reminds me again that there is a complete in your face piss taking of the great unwashed abroad again.

This is the application of trickle down theory. How it really works, not the way the Chicago School lying kleptomaniacs would have us believe.

Behavioural economists, the great prophylactic, thieving dissembling shaman skilled in the art of relieving whole societies of their independent future. Artists in the occult entrapment of peoples.

Why does this matter?

Well the steal that was trickledown economics was total rubbish. Real economies do not behave that way. They knew that at the Chicago School, though they hid it in a load of equation envy. The real purpose of trickle down economics was to give money to the rich so they could keep it. It didn’t trickle down, the money disappeared off shore into trust funds, foundations and charities. The money quite literally disappeared from our real lives. Leaving us with debt to get by with on a daily basis. No money ever trickled down to anyone I know of.

I’ve never seen a wealthy person yet that actually used their real money, so how could it trickle down?

So the actuality was the reverse of the theory we were fed. Standard cultic modus operadi.

NOW it is the behavioural economists turn to put the trickle down Nam Shub on us, for unlike the case with money the modification of our behaviour into their designed outcomes does indeed act in a trickle down fashion, but as usual we are not told that is the way it works in theory. We are told it works from us upwards, trickle up.

What will the outcome of that be?

Well let’s look at the trickle down theory as applied to real money and the economy. Theory said that give the rich money and it would trickle down and make us comfortable through work and endeavour. The result? We are unemployed and in debt up to the eyeballs, i.e. poor. The criminal rich have all the money, good beaches and real wealth.

So if we are told that increasing our choice and influence on outcomes is the theoretical end result of the behavioural economists latest wheeze then we can expect to become slaves and serfs, landless and stateless paupers after a couple of decades.

These NaZoviet shamans are the same NAZI theoreticians and COMMUNIST intellectuals that provided the framework for getting rid of 100s of millions of people all over the world by various clever intellectual frameworks that were always going to improve the lot of the individual.

Yes the individual’s lot was a plot of sod, dead family and no more hope.

These highly paid clever commie foundation bitchboys that actually have nothing else to do all day everyday but hang around in madrasas like LSE, Cambridge, Princeton etc. to come up with cunning and devious ways of hiding the big steal from the masses.

They never want for warmth, drink, good food, the best wines, sensual and physical distraction, travel, sunshine and acclaim at a conference or Comintern meeting somewhere away from the scum.

All they have to do is serve their masters by delivering the next wheeze to remove any untapped wealth or suppress any unlicensed freedom or tax into oblivion any unapproved activity.

And all the masters have to do is to make sure that their pleasurably conjoined sexual organs are being juxtaposed with the blood line approved correct orifices at least twice in their lifetimes. They don’t even have to enjoy it just so long as they twice mate successfully. Then they can go off into their private game reserves and interfere with the wildlife whilst doing sterling work for the WWF and GreenPeace etc.