Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Transhumanism and other bedtime reading

Fausty lobbed this out yesterday and then this heaved across my screen today.

It isn’t pretty.

If you cannot be bothered reading through the text then just watch this documentary referenced within.

The Age of Transitions by Aaron Frantz.

Now if that wasn’t bad enough and you really want to soil yourself start fighting your way through this item that gave the heads up to the above. Ignore the Nazis, which is a side show. DynCorp, why do I always trip over that name when delving into the deep black?

And you thought I’d gone a bit loco over my other shop last night, ehh?

Now to complete the hat trick and make sure you never sleep again.

Here’s Barry’s puppeteer. You know the guy who financed the run to the Whitehouse.

The Shadow Party? I’ll just bet Hillary is not a happy camper.