Monday, 1 March 2010

No one is supposed to notice

By the time it is revealed to the inhabitants of UK plc that we are stony broke and there will be no money for the fabric of society. That ALL tax revenues will have to be allocated to servicing the PFI contracts and the national debt. By that point the native trash are not supposed to remember…

That fiat money does not exist.

Debt is an eternal fraudulent construct and an economic crime perpetrated on humanity.

Darling could print as much money as needed to give to his bankster mates pronto.

Someone stole all our wealth.

UK peasants are not to get any money.

There are no more pensions no matter how much you saved.

That there are no perps in chains and behind bars from the financial world where CDOs were conjured into existence as a vehicle for massive global theft.

Two years between Northern Rock going nipples up and our being sold into slavery is supposed to be enough time for us not to connect the dots.

No it isn’t!

Darling if you can print funny money by the truck load to keep the Global Criminal Elite in Pink Champagne, pile cream and bondage gear you can print us up a couple of sackfulls to keep the A&E open and give new training courses to the Border Patrol on sniping with extreme prejudice, re-equip the RN and RAF with big fuck off frigates & fighters with big fuck off Gatling guns and shed loads of LIVE ammunition and orders to fire at will!!

You bunch of spunkMuppet buttwelding thieving lying shitspewing Chr├ętien