Monday, 29 March 2010

Crime Seen. Crime Scene.

Billions of us are witness to a never ending perpetration of larceny, homicide, swindle and treason. The affinity gangsters of infinity are taking everything from us bit by bit, day by day and life by life.

Every single one of the actors performing their leadership roles are working for the mob, not for us.

As I watched the first five minutes of the three tenners this evening I realised that not one of them was going to even hint that everything they were debasing and discussing with us was utter drivel of the holiest order.

Channel 4’s grinning nincompoop of a screaming front man was never going to even wander slightly from the prescribed pathway to huge salaries and mega pension by perhaps alluding to the fact that money does not exist. Chanceries do not exist, economies and GDP do not exist, financial markets do not exist, Fitch indices are an illusion, S&P ratings defy reason, gold is not precious, and economics is shamanism.

People exist and that is all.

No the great perpetual Sting demands compliance and full obeisance from its priestly class. You would not expect a priestess at the temple of Isis to tell you it was all bollox as you slipped her one now, would you?

As an on looking bystander I am astonished how all round the crime scene there are stunned herds too entranced to look away and ask who has the motivation, opportunity and weapon to achieve all this carnage and chaos. Even just cui bono? But no. How many chalk outlines must you walk past before the question forms? Who is doing these terrible things to us and why?

No; no one bothers to ask.

Are we as bad as we were taught the German’s were when saluting and mobbing Hitler? When other German’s in other countries were to be reunited with their blood brothers through annexation.

The implication was that stout UKplc yeomen would have biffed the blighter on the nose before having the local constabulary hall the bounder away for a sound thrashing.

Well who was knee deep in starving out the Iraqis after we set up Saddam in 1990? Clinton and Major, then Clinton and Blair, then Blair and Bush. Where’s the constabulary then?

Who has taken a reasonably prosperous country and drowned it in debt and an inverted imperial policy of swamping the locals with foreign rent seekers? Brown. Where’s the constabulary then?

Who is intent on taking the scam which once ran at a national level, through regional and continental levels to its natural conclusion of a global crime syndicate wiping out any and all that do not get the St Valentine’s Way? Brown and Barry Soetoro.

Vast numbers of disciples are needed to keep this pony show on the road all cleverly selected according to several criteria.

Their education selects for them on how easily the fall prey to mercenary, blackmail, greed and treason.

The recruits have been pulled and pushed through the system for centuries in UKplc and millennia throughout the cradle of civilisation. They merge seamlessly into our daily lives pointing and nudging us into the desired responses. And if we rebel? Well let’s have a little look at AGW then.

Remember when it went pear shaped at Copenhagen? Someone let the emails out of the bag as well. Notice that it’s been so sweltering recently that old people have been dropping dead blue in the face?

We are about to be propositioned again.

If we go with the green scam then we’ll be allowed to administer the whole new green Ponzi scheme. Kind of like we were allowed to administer the fiat money operation. There will be green jobs, big green offices, huge green limos, green aeroplanes, green holidays and green champagne and caviar by the bucket. Green sex, green children, green shopping and a great big new green sky.

The proposition will come through that great guild of Ponzi actors of which the three tenners were representatives this evening. It doesn’t need to be political it could be cultural or spiritual in presentation and representation. Either way once the proposition is made and you have made understanding you have two choices.

Sell your soul to the devil. Again.

Or expire.

The crime scene will continue uninterrupted until the sacrament that forms the basis of the whole ceremony is stopped.

It is unending ceremony and ritual.

The discussion will continue over at the other shop because we are headed into lalaland again and way back in time.