Friday, 19 March 2010

I didn’t quite finish last night’s Rev I. M. Jolly thought...

….. so just to clarify the claret.

The average UK parliament is too fucking thick to do anything other than trough and spend other people’s lucre. It is all they have been trained for. It is all they know. How to spend what isn’t theirs and secure by deceit that which is the property of others.

In the vast emptiness of their brain rooms you would find yourself alone and friendless if unfortunate enough to be cast there. Their instincts are primitive and violent. To seize and appropriate. To kill and obfuscate. To shamble and smirk at untruth. To strut and caw like vacuous tarts.

It is only when death stalks the corridors of power that they ask other people to sort out their mess.

Nothing changes.

Do not expect any signs of applied mental horsepower in that palace of pestilence, ever.

Do not expect to change it; just remove its baleful influence and toxic runoff from your life.

Don’t forget to unplug the set now.