Monday, 15 March 2010

The salt flys again.

Big lads thundering around Osaka kicked off yesterday. Got to view some on JSTV and the old warhorse Kaio dished his first day opponent. 5 times champ and not made a Yokozuna. Just like Konishiki, 3 times champ and no fancy mawashi.

They moved the rules around so much after the Futahaguro scandal that the whole process is highly political and too erratic. I don’t remember until Konishiki a rikishi with 2 championships not being given the top ceremonial ranking. Since then it has gotten out of hand.

Ironic now that so many foreigners are thundering round the dohyo in the upper divisions.

Still gambatte the lads!!! The North Finchley dohyo is open again and at the first chance the zabuton will be flying.