Sunday, 14 March 2010

Been out and about AGAIN so the blog output has been taking a hit, but………

……I haven’t brought the terror that is Japanese toilets to your attention yet but I will. Thanks to a chink in their cunning strategy I have pierced their armour. The Japanese embassy will need to be notified. Secret of Jap bogs penetrated. Once I’ve got the photograph I will reveal all.

However before that there is one of the great treats that being in the land of the rising sun delivers to the unwary tourist. LAWSON, K-Mart, Family Mart and other 24/7 purveyors of good things for the occidental stomach. Snacks and drinks chilled to perfection, fried chicken and savoury morsels to be devoured in the instant. Noodles and crackers and.... well the chilled booze cabinets are art work.

Almost as good as the booze vending machines that PC documents. Now that is public space artwork.

My Bulgarian mate brought this to my attention today. You have no idea how much can be said by so little to so many.

Now I know where I’m going wrong.

However even though I don’t speak a word of the lingo I always love being out there in MC1. The bosozoku not withstanding. Nice chaptrix, always wear a nosemask if they’ve got a sniffle.

I’m sure I’ve heard some of these lads coming back off a night shift. Buzzsawing past a far away motorway as I watched that nocturnal flashing yellow traffic light, just down from Hongodai cop shop, early in the morning. I lazily observing, from on high, and waiting for the first train from Ofuna to roll into Hongodai Station. Enjoying another early dawn in Mega City One.

Almost as good as the May dawns in Ayrshire.

F A.