Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I got fed up reading the utter crap…

….and having my nonlinears pelted with visual drivel and listening to the noisome ear assault from the….

….MSM like Goebbels Gobshite Towers (Newsnight?), CNN etc. the “I get paid a half million smooth because I can keep a straight face whilst talking pure unmitigated arsebark at you” crowd; telling me how wonderful everything was and how fantastically lead we are that I thought I would head out and find the truth.

True enlightenment.

And I found it.


“In our country now Party work is successful, state work is successful, military operations are successful and socialist construction is successful, under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il. Today in our country all the people have become a great family, single-heartedly united around the Party, and they are loyally supporting the Party’s leadership. In the course of many years of struggle under the Party’s leadership, our people have realized deep in their hearts that our Party is the true representative and stalwart champion of the masses and their great guide. Therefore, they entrust their destiny entirely to the Party. The recent conference of the families of martyrs from all parts of the country, the conference of Korean intellectuals and the Eighth Congress of the League of Socialist Working Youth of Korea and other conferences have clearly demonstrated again our people’s ardent and loyal support for the Party and their unshakable determination to defend and accomplish the socialist cause under the leadership of the Party.”

Aaaahh divinely inspired wisdom at last.

Want some more go here.

Well it makes far more sense than anything I’ve had on my Flat Screen Mind casting and Mental enema machine, glowing in the corner for years.

Remember the guys in control are Phased Reality Clowns and do not do invites.

They do three types of prescription.

1. Lead Pill Pharmacy

2. Pharmacology and Mindfuck

3. Dissappearance.

My new chums are of a type that I mentioned over at DL’s shop recently.

Our Pet Dictators.

These OPDs are easy to spot, they are alive. Not for them the assassin’s cocktail stick or Nympho Ninja (Pure filth don’t look. I think they are out on a mission) attack in the night. Oh no they spend decades getting off their face on absolute control with our permission because they provide a service. So Khaddafi, Castro etc are OPDs

Other pet dictators, OPDs easy to confuse with OPDs but you know we are in the land of PRCs; they get rubbed out because they were not going to turn their real estate into play grounds and service camps for the mystery schools. Allende etc.

So no more need to seek the truth, no more worry about who the bad guys are, they are alive, no more looking for the good guys, they are all dead, and hopefully I’ll be off to Ninja training camp soon. From now on I’ll be keeping my shell likes for the use of the Dear Leader and an eye out for the Nympho Ninjas returning from their mission.