Friday, 26 March 2010

Even more AfNamSNAFU WTF?

Playing “Where’s Richard (What’s your real handle?) Today?”

Just look for the still smoking & smouldering piles of dead people.

Here’s the what the lad’s been up to.

Now this report REALLY caught my eye.

Two snipetts just to give you a WTF? moment.

“Haji Abdul Zahir (centre), the new Mayor of Marjah, with local elders. Zahir lived in Germany for 15 years and in the 1990s spent part of a four-year prison sentence in Darmstadt for attempted manslaughter of his son.

A sigh of relief settles over the United States news media as the Marjah campaign winds down to a temporary close. The operation began on February 13, but it had been announced weeks in advance. There was to be no surprise here. The plan was simple – make it clear that the U.S.-led force would enter the town in strength and force the Taliban insurgents to quit the field. “

So that’s what all our troops have died for. To put a unsuccessful child killer in power locally?


“The SCO is jockeying to position itself as the heir once NATO leaves. But when this idea was broached to several strategists in Washington, DC, they demurred. It seemed inconceivable to them that the U.S. government would hand over the region to the SCO. The Baghram Air Base seems to be one permanent footprint in the region, as does the newly planned “expanded embassy” in Islamabad. Marjah will be less the start of a departure, as far as these analysts are concerned, than the beginning of a new hegemony in the region. That is, if the U.S. strategy for Marjah pans out.”


The boy Holbrooke (What’s your real handle?) has parts of his criminal gang family working for/running the SCO.

He and his gangster family chums are in a Win-Win situation.

We are in a lose all the time situation.