Saturday, 20 March 2010

Helicopter Ben and the Collective.

Ben has lost his tail rotor and is mouthmewling again down where his homies hang out and where the money launderers play.

So a couple of choice quotes with translation is in order to put this highly paid lumpkin's outpouring back into the straight jacket of the real world.

“As the crisis has shown, one of the greatest threats to the diversity and efficiency of our financial system is the pernicious problem of financial institutions that are deemed ‘too big to fail,’”

Ben you are put in place by the guys who want to own everything, diversity is anathema to them, we can tell that by the amount of times they tell us that diversity is good for us, but not them. It is just like the one child policy they’d like us to pursue and yet they are dropping spawn all over the shop night and day.

“Bernanke said the idea of requiring systemically important firms to develop “living wills,” which would outline how they could be wound-down in an orderly way, “is worth exploring.””

Oh ho ho ho ho very clever. Get the eugenics angle in again. Conflate knocking off the infirm with terminating a business. Just get that idea “living will” out into the Herd Attention Space at every turn. Ben a business with a “living will” is not a business; it is a cooperative a communitarian rationing of opportunity.

So once again the Collective wants to kill freedom.

No mention of rounding up the Wall St and London City thieves and shooting them? Didn’t think so Ben, you goon.

BTW Ben you cannot escape the torque!

Go read the rest and barph.