Sunday, 28 March 2010

All is well with the world again.

Here in the North Finchley Dohyo our resident samurai has performed the closing ceremony with the bow and the clay has been repurified. We are sweeping up the salt, storing away our power water, nursing our bruises and laundering our mawashis.

It has been a good Spring tournament and the old warhorse defended his Ozeki rank. So let us put his name up for all to see.

The winningest rikishi never to have been awarded the political rope knots.

Kaiƍ Hiroyuki, Ozeki, winner of 5 Emperor’s Cups

We look forward to another couple of months hard training here; we didn’t win anything so no chanko nabe and finest Kirin. Oh no for our heya it is Spam pieces and Irn Bru.

Perhaps in May we’ll get to chuck our zabuton into the air and shout gambatte as our champion oshi-dashis Brown out of the No10 front door.