Wednesday, 10 March 2010

2010 is the last year to enjoy UK plc.

Have been busy but still chewing the cud, here’s some I regurgitated earlier in the week brought back round for a chewing after seeing the headline below.

After that the pass laws will turn up and the eugenicists will have you up on a ramp inspecting your genitalia.

Hung parliament, likeliest outcome of UK election indicate opinion polls

Bearing in mind the almost maniacal propensity for the UK parliamentary system NOT to deliver a hung parliament this forecast outcome can only be the result of deliberate tinkering with our system with a view to long term instability as we are absorbed into the toxic twilight of the New Fourth Reich Soviet’s paradise.

If they can do it with the old two party system pony show still staggering along then just watch in 2015 after the whole thing has exploded into a myriad of weirdly barking rabid belief systems from dissident silicon based life forms to foaming mouthed theists to rampant twiggy tree buggering fascists to child and animal shagging freedomist infectious biological hazards.

And that’s just the cross benchers.

That’s when we’ll have permanent chaos.

They’ll be so busy trying to get in on an elephant fisting sheep threesome, so preoccupied getting lesbian ferrets to carpet munch an all too unwilling aardvark and so defined by the attempt to deep throat a dork they won’t notice the new Spandau ballet fascist two step blowing their brains out.

Then the whole cryptotheozoological shithouse will have caused such a vast odious fugfogsodomisedarsebark of obfuscatory screaming and yelling about rights and freedom they won’t care as the rest of us get machine gunned into and out of the their slave camps.

Swiftly followed by them, though minus the usual turncoats.


Now don’t get me wrong I’m no straight laced teetotal party pooper. I believe you can strap yourself and consenting adults to any range of appliances, wreck as many orifices as you can get your heads into and destroy the fabric of your being as much as you want with three caveats.

Firstly do it in the peace and quietude of your own home, that’s what homes are for, privacy.

Secondly should you find yourself and/or guests strapped in to any device which causes any or all of you serious damage do not expect us to pick up the pieces and or hospital bills, we are TOO FUCKING BUSY KEEPING FOOD ON THE TABLE, FUCKEDWITZ AT BAY AND A ROOF OVER OUR HEADS.

Thirdly DO NOT USE a three phase electrical supply to power any shagging machine!!! I do not want the lights going out and the national grid going down when I‘m having my iron lung blown!!

Just a thought.

Dirty phekkers.

More outpourings from the sewer at the other shop soon.