Friday, 26 March 2010

‘Twas the best of times and ‘twas the worst of times to go by…….

……train in early 2004.

These two always stuck in my mind as very “interesting” for location and timing and the nations involved. Almost like agents provocateur were at work.

Neyshabur, IRAN. Mmmmmm?

Ryongchon, DPRK. The Dear Leader had just steamed through with a shed of gear from his ChiComm buddies and suddenly KABOOOM on the anniversary of the USAF bombing raids on the bridges there during the Policing Action.

And when you sift through the comments wreckage of this you scratch your scone even more.

If you are thinking what I’m thinking you might be asking. Baghdad Airport? Bali? 9/11? OKC?