Monday 14 May 2012

The Bomb Line Part 11…M’Arse Attacks

Imagined source, who are the Bengalese now post 9/11 USofA corp? BTW it has nothing to do with the aboriginals from the British Isles.

As hgas been oft noted, history never repeats itself exghastly but it does retread a playwright’s scripted psychopathy. Hgas und bomben soured on the Bomben Line.

Everyone crapped themselves and expected to be green slimed in their basements in the psyops unleashed before 1939. And yet not a drop was delivered. Ever wondered why? Ever wondered why a big stick was not lit off on a Waterloo sunset? Yet hgas was delivered by strategic bombers through the shower heads for diamond geezers. Ever wondered why all sides work for the bad guys?

Notice that we are not to notice that the diamond dealer has diamonds. When was the last time you had diamonds to carp and crap? How comegold smugglers never get their collars felt? When was the last time you had gold in your hands to bury? Phukkwitz thementalist chimp Nokia ballistics tester made sure we did not ever get that chance. No connection. What connexion to the camp concentration?

No one ever wonders what all the original unaboriginal origami forgers, unitised by the Nazis, were doing before concentration or would havedone if not concentrated?

Anything read in antepost 7/7 UKplc via MSM is utter pharp.

“During this time, the RAF used bombing raids against tribes people in Iraq who had rebelled against British rule. Some of these raids included the use of poison gas and delayed action bombs. Some in the RAF were appalled by this (Air Commodore Lionel Charlton resigned his commission regarding this) but Harris said:
"The only thing the Arab understands is the heavy hand."
In 1933, Harris was appointed as Deputy Director of Plans in the Air Ministry - a post he held until 1937. During this time, relations with Germany became strained and Harris produced a document on what part the RAF could play in a war against GermanySource 

How did that not happen? Well as we know when things don’t happen, that are certain, it is a film scripted fiction. Slobs that do no work, that are workshy, sit and arrange wordy, dreary, words that are occulting action by those not so lucky to sit their slack arses in comfort. Falstitty as lactation. Suck on that and die.

So we are now to cower in our cyber Anderson huts and stay put. Nothing more than extreme restrictions on movement, a la 16th century, WW1, WW2, for the masses but not the afflicted. Who travels?

UKplc has to be the thickest, most sterile, useless political economy on earth. The reason is simple. Everyone there wants the divine right of kings without effort. Dolts with volts. No wonder they cannot raise a functioning family.


“Britain needs to spend money on building defences against an “E-bomb” that would explode in the upper atmosphere and knock out all electronic communication and power, the Defence Secretary will say today.

Phillip Hammond will tell a conference that money needs to be spent on defences that “cannot be seen on the parade ground.”

Dependence on electronic networks “creates vulnerability” he will say, adding that the response cannot be based on “infantry, or jet planes or destroyers.”

There is an increasing possibility that a rogue state could use an “E-bomb” that would release a devastating electromagnetic pulse (EMP), experts will tell a two-day conference in London.” Source

So who is due for removal from existence?

“January 2nd 2011 marked the centenary of the siege of Sidney Street in the East End of London involving an armed stand off between criminals, police and the military. The issues surrounding the siege are replicated in today’s society.

In the late 19th and early 20th century many revolutionaries from the Eastern Bloc fled to London to avoid persecution by the ruling elites in their homeland, fearing they would be imprisoned, tortured or executed. These immigrants including many from Latvia settled in the East End. They believed that England was a tolerant society, sympathetic to political dissidents and had a lax attitude towards immigrants. They were soon disillusioned having to take menial jobs, working long hours for little pay and living in slum properties. They were subjected to discrimination and verbal abuse.
In spite of these limitations the refugees were able to send money to Latvia to support their families and to finance the revolution, which they hoped would overthrow the governing regime and bring about an improvement in social conditions. The finance sent to further the revolution, was raised by devious and unscrupulous means and by   criminal activities, such as an attempted robbery at Harris’s jewellers in the City of London on the 10th December 1910.

On that day the occupant of a nearby property informed the police of a drilling noise coming from the vicinity of the jewellers. Officers quickly surrounded the building and as part of their investigations, Sergeants Bentley and Bryant visited no 11 Exchange Buildings, the rear of which was opposite the jewellers. There they spoke to George Gardstein who did not appear to understand English. The two Sergeants then entered the property and were subjected to a hail of gunfire, fatally injuring Bentley and wounding Bryant. Sergeant Tucker who went to the aid of his colleagues was also shot and died instantly.

Gardstein and four other people in the property made their escape from the rear of the building. As they did so, Constable Choate grappled with Gardstein in an attempt to arrest him, when a member of the gang, Max Smoller, opened fire killing the constable and unintentionally severely injuring Gardstein.Witnesses reported seeing three people fleeing the scene carrying a fourth person. It was dark and not possible for them to identify those involved. Gardstein was carried and dragged for some 30 minutes to 59 Grove Street, the home of Fritz Svaars, one of those escaping Exchange Buildings. Dr John Scanlon was then called to treat Gardstein and recommended that he should have his wounds attended to urgently in hospital. He refused to go and died shortly afterwards.

It became obvious that those fleeing were intending to rob the jewellers.  On the day before the attempted robbery Svaars purchased from Errico Malatesta’s workshop in Islington some 70 feet of rubber tubing, a cylinder of oxygen and a pressure gauge, to be used to blow open the safe. Asbestos sheeting was also obtained to be used as a heat shield during the explosion. Malatesta, an Italian national, had been a political conspirator and agitator in several countries before setting up his business in London around the turn of the century.   

Gardstein and others had rented nos11 and 9 Exchange Buildings, the latter being separated from the jewellers by an intervening property.  The proposal was to drill through the party wall between the intervening property and the jewellers and this was the noise heard by the nearby resident. The rubber tubing was to provide a gas supply from no9 Exchange Buildings. The robbers ceased drilling and retreated to no 11 when they realised that the police had become involved. Acting on information from Dr. Scanlon the police discovered Garstein’s body at Grove Street and he was linked with the murders by a key found in his pocket for 11 Exchange Buildings. Also, similar chairs were found in both 59 Grove Street (Franz Svaars home) and 9 Exchange Buildings. Gardstein actually lived at 44 Gold Street, which was described as the Stepney “bomb factory,” in that it was found to contain incendiary devices, firearm specifications and anarchist literature.

On New Year’s Day, police investigating the murders were tipped off that Svaars and another member of the Latvian criminal fraternity, William Sokoloff, had taken refuge in the first floor flat occupied by Betsy Gershon at 100 Sidney Street. Mrs Gershon was arrested and she admitted that the two men were in her flat. Soon after midnight some 200 Metropolitan police officers, mainly unmarried men, surrounded the property. It was not possible to storm the building because of its internal layout, but the police hoped that the incident would be over before daylight. The two men began firing on the police around 7am, and it was soon realised that they had the upper hand with their superior weapons. Following approval from the Home Office a troop of 20 Scots Guards from the Tower of London were sent to the scene and opened fire, shooting Sokoloff through the head. At this point the Home Secretary, Winston Churchill, went to the scene but intimated that he had no intention of directing operations.

Shortly after midday the property caught fire. Churchill refused to allow firemen to deal with the blaze in the hope that the fire would force the men to leave the building or that they would suffocate.  At about 2pm, by which time the roof had fallen in, the firemen were allowed to enter the building, where they found two mutilated bodies. They could not be identified, but from the description given by Mrs Gershon, they were believed to be those of Svaars and Sokoloff. While dealing with the incident four firemen were injured, one of them fatally, when a wall collapsed.

While at the scene Churchill was taunted with cries of  “who let them in?” a reference to the Government’s liberal policy on immigration. For sometime afterwards the public jeered him for his handling of the situation. The Prime Minister, A.J. Balfour, said Churchill’s behaviour was inappropriate and accused him of putting his life and that of his official photographer, who was accompanying him, in danger. A bullet actually passed through Churchill’s top hat. He later admitted that it would have been wiser for him to stay in his office. It was said that he found the incident exciting and irresistible given his experience as a soldier and war correspondent. 

On the 23rd January 1911 Jacob Peters, Yourka Dubof and Osip Federoff stood trial at the Guildhall accused of murdering the three policemen. Max Smoller had left the country before he could be arrested. The case for the Crown was flawed and discredited and the men were subsequently discharged. However the Coroner’s court later ruled that Gardstein had killed Sergeant Bentley.

Peters and Dubof were later indicted for the murder of Sergeant Tucker and appeared at the Old Bailey on the 1st May 1911 before Mr Justice Grantham. They were also charged along with Nina Vassilleva (who was at 11 Exchange Buildings during the shooting) with conspiracy and breaking and entering.  The two men were acquitted when the Judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence to convict them. Vassilleva was found guilty of conspiracy and sentenced to two years imprisonment, but this was overturned by the Court of Appeal five weeks later on the grounds of misdirection by the Judge.

One Latvian refugee who acquired notoriety in the East End was Peter Piatkow, also known as Peter the Painter because of his occupation as a house decorator who it was believed had links with various revolutionary movements. Like many other immigrants in London he used several names and carried different passports. Some people believed that he was nothing more than an imaginary figure.

However his name came to prominence again in 2008 when Tower Hamlets Community Housing named two blocks of residential accommodation Peter and Painter respectively. A plaque was erected explaining that the properties were named after the anti-hero of the Sidney Street siege. The Metropolitan Police Federation and the family of Sergeant Bentley condemned the Housing Association for using the names saying it glorified the murders and was insensitive given the level of terrorism in the country. The Housing Authority said there was no evidence that Piatkow killed the policemen and that the names were not linked to the murders. It also said there was some doubt whether he ever existed.

One hundred years later the Siege and the background to it remain an interesting and important historical event.” Source


BTW anyone reading from aboriganal UKplc, does any of that ring with familiarity? Getting the message yet as you get bent over again?

All you need to do is look at who is causing trouble within the country to spot the location of the coming conflagration. Why is it always Engel’s town?

OK then you are no doubt wondering what set that off? Well to be truthful it was a brain dump caused by the total failure of any so called truther movement to get anywhere near any truth.

Phukk me!!!

The truth is the sovereignty of the individual. Until the individual exercises that sovereignty there will be no truth.

So Part 12 will finally start to get to looking at the whole project that was strategic bombing. Only with 20/20 hindsight can we see their 20/20 foresight. With all the false lucre in the world you too can divine and scribe given history.