Friday, 4 May 2012

False Frig Operation

FFOs are not uncommon these days, indeed they are an integral part of global governance, universal compliance, and part of the great big magic toolbox of keeping the herd in place, physically, psychologically and spiritually. They are concomitant with the integrated global market place of rigged opportunity to steal from your fellow indentured slave. They are a must for zero sum, closed system, Malthusian RISC.

From USS Maine to 9/11, USofA corp. has experienced the complete gamut, the full spectrum, deployed to integrate the freemen and freewomen of USofA corp. into the global sacrificial Ponzi space and then slaughter their children on the global alter of Ba'al Hammon.

As you know your correspondent has been speculating about the kind of autoerotic FFO that the ChiComms will pull to integrate themselves operationally into the Ponzi game for some time now. Ingratiate themselves to their mysters. I wondered what impact on the controlled Orwellian NOAHide population of ChiCommland, a packed bird going down in flames in broad daylight just out of Changi say, an FFO would have if say Islamic terroristas operating out of the Thai/Malay border got fingered. What would the child killing, organ stealing, fertile woman kidnapping ersatz public in the world’s only Nazi state clamour for or accept from their fauxrouge Masonic neckware adorned killer fools.

The ChiComms have been exercising their arses off for years now. Manoeuvring forces of all sorts, Marines, Army groups, air power and commandos y fuerzas especiales. All ready to deploy operationally and further the coming global lock down.

Well this is disturbing to say the least.

How about a super Entebbe?