Saturday, 26 May 2012

Remote Heathen Call

Unlike many I have no great sympathy for those stuck in the concentration camp of Gaza. I care not for their misguided phekkwitting around with staged on/off flotillas. I consider it Karmic pay back for being a den of heathen white slavers.

Go on then when the Sea Shires are exposed again who will stop the sex slavering gyno haters? Snowwashed out over the horizon to nonhistory.

Similarly I have no sympathy for the sovereign pirate base, the centre for world crime, that was established to further the Roth’s slaughter of more and more humanity, RCE/TA Rothschild’s Criminal Entity/ Tel Aviv AKA Ba’al Hammon’s holocaust alter. The very special molecheinsatzgruppen that they specialise in, millennium after millennium. I couldn’t care how much inbound is due for the suburbs in the psychopathic Tortuga sur Med. Would you give a flying one if you’d heard that Al Capone’s family had got wiped out by their swimming pool? That would verily be a miracle worthy of the water parting sociopath Moshe.

All this crap recently and no one is asking why we are getting to know this at this moment?

All the clues are out here, just as they were in 1905 and 1917 in imperial Russia.

It is 5 years since they flicked the kill switch in 2007. It is what they do once they have achieved a sufficient population density within societies. An uncritical mass of civilians ignorant of the critical mass about to explode into life in its midst. Just think of the 20th century in Europe as a proof of concept test.

USofA corp. now you have no money the clowns with free money to spare will start putting their paid operatives into action. It will take much longer to achieve their heathen objectives than 1905-1917 more like 1601-1688.

Now you are looted their machine will move off under anti-semitic cover to cause trouble for you from afar.

“Li Family Succession

The Lis of Hong Kong are Chinese Jews and business partners. Their real wealth is in the trillions. The Li family wealth comes from their banking empire. Chinese spell the name Lee, Chinese Jews were assigned the spelling LI, but the Emperor of China in around the 7 th century. And of course before banking they were in charge of Opium production and helped the Rothschilds/Jardines/Matheisons/Sassons with distribution into mainland China. Hong Kong and San Franciso are very close so I thought I would post the news here.


Oh yes the djinn has had assets out there on ChiCommwasteland a long, long time. In fact far longer than any of their assets have been operating in or out of the Westwasteland

The signs are all there and all you need to do is know how to read them, H/T ZGR .

The users of ARSElook are doing the STASI’s work by themselves and I’ll bet our details are stuck deep in the ChiComm version of NSA Utah.

As I remarked a while back these fools cannot help themselves but to give over to their corporate killer alter once their victims are powerless and poor. Once the conditions are just so and they have infinite free money to pipe out of a con game.

A Ponzi nova.

RCE/TA is about to point at the west and blame it, again,for their going all skrypto crypto again.

Enjoy the non union union.

The harem curtain is coming now.

You know no history do you?

Who taught the noose you wear?

Why do we know all this now?