Thursday, 17 May 2012

Job Creation Fiction

Those of us who live in UKplc are getting bombarded by Job creation schemes 24/7, 365, nonstopped for 60 years now.

If I remember correctly there has never been a low inflation, high employment, high skill, other than larceny, cutting edge, other than homicide, economy in UKplc. As I have related before the weather bell for me has always been the empty boozeshifter just over the road on the A1000. It folded way back in the boom times, pre Y2K, and the Ockers decamped to pastures new. Haunting the Great North road like a ghost derelict. The only time you know you live in boom time UKplc is when the OGPU/Kapos are unleashed to steal from the subjects of her majesty.

So like the promissory discordant notes we find ourselves in scripted and scribed the Auschwitz, Sobibor, Monowitcz. Phukk D’Witzz  reality is of no hopeville and empty commercial property everywhere awaiting a massive clearance of the system via high explosives or arson. All the while the roads are jammed with field reps burning off hydrocarbons in stasis and phone punchers pestering persons in their quiet domicile. All the while big ears at GCHQ is sifting our wordy words insuitcase one of us infringes a statute and keeps look out for the foreign gangsters operating out of RCE/LC in case one of their latest psychopathic frillypanties gets torped by other crews with unmarked cars. What a dump!!

Have you clocked this crap? This is the shitter wordy words I used to hit it bang on! “bbc inheritors estate death chasing” the chasing bit is the key to slavery. All this “activity” is measured in our GDP. FFS!! If one could construct a state where everyone wanked all day and had no other metric than spunk emission and fanny batter to float the leveraged economy’s boat that would be the wealthiest, and singular, state in the universe. It would be NOAHide, tsk tsk gotcha there. Didn’t see that coming did you? Pun intended.

So let us do a memory refresh. It is a vast difference between then and now. No it is not, the vesicles are bulging with salted man oil and prophylactic lucre.

Do you remember the unsolicited e-mails, the bukkake of unfiltered filthy counterfeit promissory motes flekking our eyeline everyday back in the days of prudence getting bent over a piece of soft furnishing and rendered unnaturally? No, not Castro’s holiday spot. Pre-designer, prescribed and predestined engineered incumleaden credit cards from Florida and assorted pirate ships afloat in the crime scene’s deluge of concocted scrip and scribed?

Do you? 10,000 bucks in credit just waiting your signature.

Well once you’ve had time to scrape the battered flakes from your eyes they are at it again.

Clock this shit from UKplc. Really? I reckon the perps are running both sides and the clowns in Westminster like it.

Have you seen the adverts for the PPI reclaim scheme? There must be billions and billions of pounds getting spent on nothing. The power pointed hatted goons must have been keeping this one in their back pockets all the while they were flogging shit to each other and making everything derivative and off balance sheet a decade ago.

It impacts the unemployment figures and makes everything look rosier than it really is. Go on reply to one of the adverts flooding the place for persons wishing to earn £50k, self employed, yeah!! Chasing down the poor slobs in UKplc who never get a choice, with thirty others hunting the same mark.

Don’t forget this is the legal entity that fits up its subjects as targets, rigs its subjects in courts and discriminates against the justice of the subject people.

Oh….. and sacrifices its subjects' children subjecting them to Common Purpose cover.

A long while back before the mentalist with the high speed rotating moral machinery stuck up his ass got removed from the crime front and safe house at No10 I suggested that UKplc might use the Rigorous Voting Method when selecting its representatives. And what happened? Another bunch of crooks got parked in power to lead the scam to steal from us. So it must be clear from this that UKplc is peopled by persons of a criminal bent. A nation of killers and thieves. How else to explain the past 100 years? And worse the state is selecting for those with a psychopathic disposition. Which leads one inexorably to the realisation that they will all get LPP’d just before the NWO gets established. The logic is irresistible.

Governance UKplc stylee is unfit for any purpose that you and I would understand as just and fair. It is inhumane.

What a backward, retarded, turded, dump.

The conditions that preceded the English civil war are at hand again, here and in USofA corp.