Thursday, 3 May 2012

How far up the ausphart?

Of all the legends placed in currency to keep our eyes of the ball this past century, the engineered movement of certain skill sets into the barren lands known as UKplc is the by far the most interesting and informative for those with eyes to see and minds to think.

All the tut-tutting about those nasty Yankee Doodle Dandy Bugs and their supremacist heathenoids skulking around RCE/NY keeping their homies out, how they cold heartedly dids’t keep their ultraabsobent skins free from the infection of stinking refugees leaving the Continent because some jumped up little corporal decided to get all corporeal and defecate the light unto the world into the world beyond the Reich.

Three things to consider when peering, which is verboten, no questions allowed near this hallowed ground, are listed below and the axiomatic fourth hinted at.

One; why is UKplc a great big jaffa, unable to reproduce itself, why does it break the sacred shamanism of Darwin?

Two; why did the USofA corp. keep the huddled masses out?

Three; what did the remainder of the masses get up to deep inside the Reichsprotectorate then?

The fourth I’ll leave to fester for another day.

My old mukka the Potters Bar Putter once gave me a little summation of how the continent viewed UKplc, his view being Pale centric. “A coaling stop on the way out of Europe.” Nothing else. What is the place now after all the years of investment by the traitors given the phantom keys since 1997? For make no mistake the Government of UKplc has been nothing more than the instrument to effect the plans of supranational planners for more than a century. So imagine that having decided to outsource all war production to the USofA corp. your mighty mind comes to ask “Just what are we going to use UKplc for then?” Well that is rhetorical; you know exactly what you are going to do. If the geezer with the tiny tache hadn’t catalysed a load of voice talent into existence within the kingdom then the secret war could never have got started when the bomber streams headed into the Reich, could it? I mean can you imagine UKplc bringing into being in 1940 a well educated multi lingual work force other than by kidnap and piracy? Can you? Education, education, education is werke farce!

So that answers two then doesn’t it? How can you have this kind of malarkey going on in say Ohhhhh…..New Yoik or LA? “RAF personnel whospoke German would tune in to Luftwaffe night-fighters’ radio frequencies andgive false and misleading instructions.

What you want from USofA corp. workers is lots of hardware and you certainly don’t want a shed load of commie agitators swanning around your turf, well not whilst the German problem remains unresolved.

As you know there was a shed load of the talent still knee deep in the Reich hard at work in very secret places that were after 1945 sealed away behind the iron curtain and kept out of our ken. Deep in places that served the Reich? Again we are not supposed to look too hard because it is verboten but you’ve got to ask just what were all those Kapos and commies really managing for the schwarzer ex chicken farmer in and around Auschwitz?

You see if you can arrange for the talent shortages in UKplc to be sorted then I’m sure you have reasons to keep a shed load within the dead zone as well.

Sounding familiar UKplc, remember this is a country that suffers permanent talent shortages. That’s why gazillions of democracy and freedom hating goons and their extended criminal families were transported in railcars and semis into this country to staff the curry houses, penalty payment scams and SEN of the useless education system. The education system is useless because it has never provided for the country’s talent needs for over a century now. How thick is the nation? Anyway we’ll eventually get to the answer to that one, in general, over at the other shop.

So we don’t need to pose any more questions but simply state that the gang from 1997-2010 imported the talent and the gang from 2010-20?? is going to put them to use in phukking over somewhere that the language talent is required. The Cameroid dangleberry show with it’s gonad less farting around is right on script. Everything that should be normal is arse about face like this crap from today.

Terrorists get more money shovelled at them than the UKplc Abos get in a miserable lifetime and the esteemed judiciary is clearly in thrall as usual and fronting for the supranational criminal cartels.

The huge distraction of engineered financial collapse, prototyped, 80 years ago now can lead to only one conclusion.

He is GRÖFAZ now.