Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Two years in and the hinges have fallen off the coagulation’s shit house door.

Two kow towing clowns are in town. David Cameron and NickClegg 'relaunching coalition'David Cameron and Nick Clegg 'relaunchingcoalition'.  I hope you got that in stereo.

The Nokia ballistics expert when first lord of the treasury could have drugged the choseNixonites and slung their ChiComm loving sorry asses into the Tower. But no. With all theresources of a secret police state, which can register your farts enctryptonite from space, he cowered in the bunker all hunkered and helpless. Like a subject of her majesty in a speed trap tax farm.

So what are we to make of all this?

Here is a little soupçon.

No you will not. The geezers and geeztrice with their bloody hands on the fake printing presses will decide what is happening on the employment front. Go on then explain how come some apprenticeships in the London area are only for those born outwith the UKplc slaver camp.

Our traitorous phinkkfiends are not just fiddling whilst Rome burns, they’ve gone off down the road to the Strad factory, lined up the employees over a lime filled open trench, administered LPP first aid and then accelerated the torching of the wood pile. The old lad has been lifted and sent to a secret rendition centre to be turned into pork sausages.

These muppets, all four of them, are now about to leave the scene of the crime. Make no mistake we are witnessing a well scripted and refined old ploy.

Did you notice the subtext of the miserable turn out for these so called elections?

Well when the next round heave into view you can be sure that the turn out will be massive. iGREEN Young Soviets will be in killer mode and the rabid doctrinaires will be sending all the useless eaters out the NHS chimneys and loving the polar bears.

I told you the crazed RISC loons were coming and you can bet this dump will be returning a swivvell eyed non entity, antithetical to aboriginal UKplc, next time round.

What no one will ever mention is that the Coagulation havebeen handling their pets for centuries now and want to reward them with a comfy billet in the Cotswolds. The natives must be kept confused, helpless, poor, disappointed and finally dispossessed by the non stop clown show in No10.

They think we have not noticed the stench coming round the U-bend.