Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I was high

High over the White Sea. I ordered up a double JackD and two shells of Cralsberg and settled down to read.

The book was Hasting’s The Korean War. 1987 edn. POLICE action me old china not a war!!!

So here I am this evening listening to Spingola and what comes to mind. Well the shit I’ve read and the shit I’ve not read.

I stopped reading the Korean Police Action after two chapters, not because I found it turgid, or the JD, but because I was puzzled. Turgid books I do not revisit. Ooops forgot about Fighter Combat Tactics and Maneuvering. R L Shaw. USNI 1985. There is my marker still, second attempt,  in p101 Fig 3-1 Guns-Only Angles Fight: First Phase.

PhukkMe!!! As usual with a USofA corp book the shelf price is snipped from the dust jacket by the UKplc importer but we can say with confidence the USD price decimal transferred exactly to UKPsterling. Exchange rates my arse.

Anyway talking of turgid there are indeed three pieces of shite I could never attack again. I even fought through Jeter’s Farewell Horizontal. Utter shite.

Econometric Models & Economic Forecasts, Pindyck & Rubinfeld. McG H 3rd edn.

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Shirer 1983 edn

The Roman World. Boardman, Griffin, Murray. TOHotCW 1989 edn.

All three shite.

However Hasting’s book made me ask a question that the other lot did not. The other lot wanted to hypnotise me into a state of nothingness. I asked myself how can I contextualise this stuff and make sense of it. It was not my main occupation to do so, but there it was, part of the unfolding of the shithouse herring doors. One little dot about to be connected of the unfolding stench.

So twelve years to the month later I was once again high and ordered up a triple JW and started again. Over the White Sea.

And I got it.

WTF was X Corp up to and why did McC get booted?

An old quote I remember but cannot source is that the US Army left WW2 as the top armed force on the planet. Entered the Korean Police Action as a shit house and left it rebuilt exemplary. Entered Vietnam as a great armed force and exited as a shit house. Got rebuilt in the 1980s and now where is it? Is it a shit house.


X corp; what was that mission?