Tuesday, 26 March 2013

More on Patton’s 3rd Army

Bradley’s boss had never commanded anything larger than a side order of fries in combat, yet there he was overlord of all allied forces on the continent in the west. How did that happen?

Well if we remember that the so called Korean War was in reality a Police Action, then we can perhaps describe the Overlord in Europe as a Political Action. For Ike was a smooth operator with very powerful sponsors in the RCE/NY bankster kabball. He got the message about what was required of him when he got the top spot.

Many have reservations about Monty but at least he was consistent. Berlin or bust.

So let us look east at the other dupe. Did he have any inkling that he was being baited? Did it ever enter his murderous devious mind that Berlin was not the real prize? He gave the job of taking the capital of the Reich to his two best. Zhukov and Koniev. A finish line marked through the centre of Berlin, which Stalin pockled, delineated their assault armies areas of responsibility.

All the while everyone for decades later is scratching their bonces wondering why Berlin was left naked by GRÖFAZ?

Well then well then boys and girls, where were the Nazi best then?

If I look at their finishing positions, when the gunfire and sniper finally stopped, I see 2 strung between Dresden and Prague. 3 on the Czech/Austrian border at Maissau. 12 at Linz. 1&9 at Steyr. 5 at Furstenfield on the AustroHungarian border. 10 at Schonau south of Prague.

So why weren’t the hardest, best equipped (via the SS military/industrial complex, known as the slaver camps) units defending Berlin against the commieyahwehheathen.

There was something much more important to be done.

Defend the Reichprotektorate, the SS tech. play ground, until someone from the west came to pick up the goodies.

Have a look at this. 

Can you see the arc of 12thArmy group? Right into the SS research lab.

It didn’t stop after the G&S had stopped and Patton was dead, oh no, there was something in there that we wanted.

Early 1946


At this point, even though we are concerned with weapon systems here, we change vector and examine the event a decade before when the ultimate weapon system was snuck into the Reich.

When one examines the events of the 20th Century it becomes clear that the one thing responsible for ALL the dead people in Europe north of the ziggurat line.

The ability to print unlimited fiat cash.

So now I am going to confuse you, however before I do, remember whilst reading the following the the Reich ran a PEACETIME economy until 1943. Now for those of you too stupid to get your head round that statement. What kind of economy have you lived in whilst NATO has killed millions and millions all over the world this past two decades? Got it yet?

Oh yes Hjalmar Schacht, kriminalbankster agent of destruction, no wonder you never got your neck stretched.

He is the clown that facilitated the planned removal of the Germans after almost 2000 years of seething hatred against them.

The power to create fiat money is the most powerful weapon system on the planet. It is designed to drain the life out of everyone on the planet except those who wield the weapon.