Thursday, 14 March 2013

Do me a lemon me old China.

Do you remember the old movies when the bad guys would leave a ticking, or smoking, patented time bomb. IP rights are so important!! The good guys are looking for it, like the georgeous magnetic bint tied to the railroad tracks, remember? The good guys were always on time because they knew that there was a mark to be found, remember?

Well the best time bombs, the bad guys leave around, are never recognised as such and the trains never loose their planetary timing. It is all ritual, worship and ceremony.

As I mentioned earlier the secretive squirrel and I have been deep in the black, literally outside firing up the winter Qs under the clouds and the stars, recounting and remembering and the things I remember come from a period before I was born. Yet they are echoing down the centuries on plan. As is my wont at this time of year I re-read Fey’s tomb, Armour Battles of the Waffen SS 1943-45, it matches my dark gravured bile nicely. Jan-Mar every year. And I wonder. I wonder about the trains required to move mechanised units constantly across Europe and the quality of welding of the P V. I wonder.

So there I was ordering the thoughts and the second triple JW miles in the air heading away from Perm and I parked the thought in a 24/7, 365 days a year bonded warehouse with care; and waited.

Then the second question was formed years later which I did not recognise because I was too stupid to ask that simple question “WTF happened to Europe?” Since then all the questions I need have been realised. As Chesty put it back then. “The situation has been simplified”. It is like Lorentzian transformations, one needs only to complete the idea once to be bathed in the light. The power to sieve out the millennial old shite is might.

So we will forget the Patagonian that has had white smoke pouring out of Ba’al Hammon’s arsehole this week, we will stick closer to home and get to the answer to the problem that finally lead me to understand what happened to Europe.

It will also give us a clue as to what the Marines were up in 1950.

X Corps. Hard core.

SS 3 and SS 5. Hard core.

One exploring and one deflecting.