Friday, 15 March 2013

Let me drift into the dust filled oblivion.

If ever you find my body, leach year leave a single red leaf at the sight of my Saint’s day for he was a fisherman on the seas of Satan.

The greatest theological discussion was last Saturday evening. Three were in mess and after the SQ, who had previously sabotaged my exothermic proclivities by getting another SQ, SQ minor, to fire up the Q, before I could lay hands on the accelerant, layed it all bare.

Now then now then now then what do you think the 3 thought?

It is all shit.

One got the idea of 3 being the prime number.

Their ages are 14,14,14 and all 3 will not be beaten into submission by monoheathenism’s phallic chromosome deficient agents. They will be guerrilla women and fucking dangerous. Make no mistake.

They know and feel that it is all engineered, all without prompting. Any shit from a cockedscribe and fannyspeller is slavery.

The last time I right was wrong.

Mea culpa.

If the written word is so powerful then why the stupidity of those who close their peepers every night and dream. If the reshiting of the word of Ba’al Hammon monoheathenism is not removed from this world then the huge death toll, tax, coming up is inevitable.

When SQ minor stole my Q I found myself in a trialectic with SQ and SQminor. I posited the idea that there will be a major religious, ritualist, ceremonial slaughter of such a magnitude as to finally change the bend of the world. I asked why the Welsh language was banned, the tartan was banned and yet today every phukking crap is approved by the shithouse on the Thames? Satan worship on a UKplc warship? Well you get the long agenda. SQminor dropped his blonde, smashed on the paving. SQ, who is a self arranging complex systemist, obviously regretted my accelerant deprivation, that would have shut me up. Dodging flames keeps one on one’s toes and shuts one up.

I looked at them, kicked open another brew, looked the SQ in the eye, remembering the witness he has of dead, and remarked that the Lamarkian urge requires the killing of the herd again now that we have achieved a global population of 7 billions.

The altar that is earth requires such a ceremony to slake the Satan Lamarkian monoheathenism. That is why all the iGreenies care more about things that will not clear their stools from their death bed than their fellow humans. Go on, when did a puppy or a whale or a polar bear ever stand night duty on a death ward of the NHS? Go on Phukked D’Witz!!!


We all met up again last evening. The secretive squirrel, SQminor, SQmaximus (who has witnessed more about the fiction that is west African dead than I can stand), our young women, the most stoic woman on earth, frogs, and thousands of others.

We were draped in the flags, our young women sent out a distress by accident, no maritime training yet!!! The Moscow militia almost scared the shit out of us during the 1812.We sang and sang and were moved to tears.

I am British. I hope to exemplify the best character of all those who have scraped a living here from Cork to Ullapool to Tenby to London to Melbourne.

I will wear our flags, when I choose, with pride and knowledge.

When we were singing Rule Brittania my garlic swilling friend nudged me in the ribs and asked me if I would do a solo of Oh Flower of Scotland in revenge. The Auld Alliance etcetera.

No, I would sing this and then seek revenge for this.

I remember.