Monday, 11 March 2013

The Trialectic Dyslectis

Contagion as religion of debt.

Phukk me this brought me back to base again. What a bunch of CHEKAkunta we have here in the shit fed UKplc!!

I started this post then died and burned last year. The thoughts are completed unsad and unsaid, however I am Babelled und Bybelled. I cannot stop admiring the straight forward vectors of those who know the drive I regularly reflect.

Gangnam-Ohrdruf-Konan-OMG-Bikini and the Dams.

“I should not start a limited counterattack, which would be contrary to my military theories, but should wait until I can start an all-out offensive” Patton 1945

(It has been a festive four weeks here in the Smoke. Thanks Giving, turkey yum yum, then the festive day of my patron saint, then I crashed through the sound barrier to a half century on the same day, though actually the next day on the other side of the world, calendrically, I fired up the first Winter Q of 2012/2013 and then a massive delivery of books arrived, such that I’ve been reading solid for two weeks now. All of which was washed down with the widest range of ciders/cidres that me and the secretive squirrel could lay our little paws on.

All the while something kept beating wayaway at me reminding of terminus of one unsought thread, never conceived before venturing out here, 3 and a half years ago at the other shop.

Why was a Korean geezer suddenly all over the pop shop?(I’m not going to link a video because these things are now infested with shit adverts and I refuse to watch and I hope you do to). Go make your own. Then we find out the place is a knocking shopped indebted heathen yahwayspaced whore warren and got raided shortly thereafter.) All scribed in December 2012AD before I crashed and burned, again.

Yes I hit the barrier and the secretive squirrel and whomever writes here have been smiting the spirit of God.

After gallons of Magners, Crabbies, sho chu, ales, wine and rocket fuel we are still juxtaposed by dialectic. However we are making the moves.

No one else, it is ours. And we will unify the 3.

Self organising systems are strange attractors and we are the actors to destroy them all. Powerful in our state of destitution, though weak as the alchemistrymisty muse and gold breaker, brokered in the south sea of designed desireddessertified failure never realised as he burned the candle from the fakired university. Hasbarrat and lazy cloistered hauls of a madrassa. One can never name there quantum state.

From his unreal lights we get the complete designer phukkwittery that is UK plc, rabid nutthouse, no talented siphoning off of anyone else and theatrically creative with a limited life span. Like designer atomic decay.

There is a big spiritual MF war coming beyond the Brisbane line and it is at its core Lamarkian.

See the moon juiced fuelled arguments after the heathen have hidden away in Patagonia and everyone id contused, concussed and as always,,……fuck me I cannot remember the word!!!

Unlike some kuntturnipkritequs at other shops notiing the fine grammar shelll holes and maternal leter failings the speeling mistakes here are not mistakes. So do not pkukk.

You Phukked D’Witz, English is deliberately limited in its expression and reality.

Phekkme enjoy your love and your lives because there is a motherphukkin machine coming to kill all of us who do not love.