Sunday, 24 March 2013


Or why westerners are being reduced to penury by usurious satan worshippers.

Have you noticed one thing that is never mentioned in the current MSM boke/puke making reportage about the theft of Cyprus?

Now then now then now then boys and girls. Go on, well I’llgive you a clue. They stole the Northern part of Cyprus under our careful watch ages ago. And now they are bestest chums with the Chicomm slavers and are patching things up with the pirate base RCE/TA.

Krugman speculates that EU/Cyprus might do an Iceland. Oh phukk me!!!!! These Nobel laureate bitchboys who have equation envy are Ba’al Hammon’s favourite sweetmeats, aren’t they? All academic and rational and reasoned, cute cuddly beardy tenured uncles. Now then now then now then boys and girls. What do you think would happen if EU/Cyprus picked up on uncle’s innocent suggestion that they drop their knickers?

Last year a massive explosion rocked the island and I wondered “What was the “message” behind that occurrence”?

Conditioning? Threat? A real “accident”? Groooooming?

Don’t forget there are two criminal NATO/ “RCE/LC” spy bases on the island, to conduct ops from.

So who do you think would like to rape EU/Cyprus?

SOP, all designed to ruin the atmos during Christian holy days.