Tuesday, 12 March 2013

It is the most wonderful time of the YEAR.

I cannot be bothered recounting the amount of shite poured into UKplc MSM since November.

You know.

LIBOR and horsemeat sum it all up. We are going to live to be 100 years of age! State pension for everyone! By the time they are shelling out whatever doe remains to the survivors, the stipend won’t buy a horseshit burger a month!!!

This country is kriminalzentral. Why?

Well just look at any business person and their so called Frankfurt/Chicago/Vienna schooled qualifications. Dragons’ Den!!! MBArseholes’ Cave more like. Anyone who believes in capital and money should not be allowed to be in charge or responsible for their own toilet never mind the lives of millions. Incontinent, incompetent asswipes.

So with the end of the tax year heaving into view you know what is going to happen. Well those who “work”, which doesn’t make free here in UKplc, will recognise this signature.

Approximately one month, 3-5 weeks, after the tax year ends, when the so called members of the Institute of Directors have pocketed their loot and sent it overseas or into a charity, when the crooks that infest accountancy have assured the clowns in HM Revenue and Customs….

….As an aside notice that no one pays tax to the Income Tax thieves anymore, notice the implied change in our status. We will not work anymore, we are sources of farmed taxation. We are to be serfs…….get accustomed to it again.

Anyway once the IoD incompetents and overseers have pocketed their fiat cash, a glitch in the matrix will materialise in the lowing herd’s cash flow to debt.

Guaranteed that this is a signature to be aware of. It has happened to yours truly 3 times this past decade.

At some point late April/early May you will be given some sort of horseshit burger to consume as to why there may be a holdup/delay in your electronic payment of salary/pay.

No matter what they tell you, aliens ate my laptop/a tsunami shagged my dog who ate my homework/a special revelation from Satan told me to wank all day, whatever you are told you are about to be unemployed again.

The IoD empty vessels will have pulled the voluntary liquidation of the business pin at day 1 of the new tax year whilst you’ve been hard at work for one month. Each day greeting the boss as it smiles quietly at your ignorance.

BTW why do you think that the phukkedwitz Brown, the most useless use of skin and bone ever with his PhD in nothing, why do you think he raised national insurance rates?

You do not get NI back, unlike tax, when your arse hits the pavement outside the newly wound up businarse!!!

HM R&C are calculating bandits so if you think that anything is going to change when there is a Sharia complaint parliament, circa 2015AD, you are a phukkingphundamentalist'sarse.