Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Burma past 24 hours.

Image source  (BTW if you believe the official legend, guess who’s grand daddy was stationed out in this neck of the woods in the 1940s with the British Army, go on have a guess? I bet you won’t get it first time out the traps.)

The Karen. If you remember how we, as usual with our pawns, betrayed them after the last big one, then one can only conclude they will continue to be used as such in the coming mess down there.

Aboriginals who want to see what is coming up pronto need only remark upon the treaties signed and broken with respect to the Navaho, Choctaw, Blackfoot, Apache…just fill in any nation you want……and then wiped out by the USofA corp. government.

Any film about an MI-Hi/CIA sleeper operative is designed for only one purpose, grooming the western Herd Attention Space for an operation programmed to effect a desired outcome. Most likely chaos disguised as regime change. Yeoh has to be an agent.

Who are these western businesspersons who need to get into Burma soswiftly? Whose money are they carrying from their bankrupted home nations?

Well you and I know they’ve got a warrant from Rothschild that says “To be spent only in the project. No funds to be spent in the west”.

These so called isolated MSM news items, when connected up with other seemingly unconnected events in the following countries, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines (incl. North Korea and South Korea) are the marks of the banksters getting ready to cleanse the NOAHide noncompliant from existence. There is a shit load of ChiComm sponsored, Pak and Iranian trained, jihadist violence getting paid for right now and they’ll soon be unleashed to soften the area up for occupation by the UN’s favourite child killing, slaving state.

If one seeks a similar parallel I’d look at the area from Berlin to Moscow in the period 1920-1940. All got softened up in preparation for the chosen occupiers. The characteristics are massive refugee movement, ideological struggle, unending supplies of cash to the heathen, assassination and disaster to the legitimate local civil power and of course western business persons and their ideological handlers thick as thieves on the ground.