Monday, 20 February 2012

The Stepford Kinder

Half term last week so ended up taking the girls to Ally Pally for a little skating. I sat and read a book; I and ice do not mix. As luck would have it half the girls were hauled over by my ChiComm buddy, who I haven’t seen for a little while, and of course he hit me with the burning question, although why a bloke form the badlands of NE ChiCommland, where I think I mentioned earlier, his parents were banished during the mentalist Mao the wean molester’s cultural revolution or whatever his bankster bosses had suggested to him would be a good way of denormalising the population further before the kriegsverbrecher panda squeezer und Nobel laureate, heaved into view after causing a total bollox in Cochin China with his protégé Holbrooke, what’s your real handle einsatzgruppenfuhrer?, is beyond me.

So without realising what he was letting himself in for, over the bombing booming disco strang blasting out over the frozen H2O, he asked.

“What do you recon on the Scottish independence malarkey?” or words to that effect.

I admit that it may have been wishful thinking on my part because I have, unusually, been giving a bit more thought and high quality bonce time than normal to the old turf recently. Perhaps he asked “Special fried rice or noodles with dumplings the next time you guys come over?” There was, as always at Ally Pally, some distortion caused by the weapons grade flared trouser musik sweeping clear the barren surface of all but the deaf. Kind of like a clear fire zone that the machine gun corp. used to specialise in a century ago.

Always the unexpected must be entertained. Kind of like when I was knocking back a load of perry this Sat evening, the secretive squirrel had given me a chit to his open air booze fridge as I set about firing up a winter barbeque. The rain had cleared, the sky was pitch black, the stars were out, the big birds were strobing their way through the LTMA, I had my winter BBQ hat, hoody, boots and gloves on, nothing else, and I had a whale of a time. The funny thing about organic cider is that it is weak tasting after your taste buds have been stomped on by the Bow. Mind you the perry did kick at 8%ABV, so although my taste buds might have been underperforming my brain cells were happy as Larry. I was astonished to find that Van Rumpoi the Eloy and Baroness Ashton are unknown to my hostess even though we were both enjoying a bit of Nigel Farage lambasting the dump he serves in. So why would my esteemed orientalist want me to sally forth and opine on the Barnett funding matter. I much prefer to listen to him giving it a bit of right hand drive on what is going down, and soon to be going down, in the slaver state.

So I did opine and as I did so I once again came to the conclusion that the long term plan that is being realised north of the wall is the same old same old.

Each nation, state, belief system or entity gets the same fracturing treatment, the same moral solvent applied, on a time scale tailored to the subject of the attack.

If the stooges, and man have they stooged for a long while, only foundation bitchboys and boybitches could possibly have fannied around for so long doing nothing, were really independent they would pass the litmus test. Oh and don’t giver me any of the false theatrics that they are being given a special license to peddle from their Rock/Roth masters. Specifically I am talking about the “sudden” appearance of this heap of crap.

It is now 40 years since Heinrich the Roth agent went over the Great Wall to squeeze pandas and give the operatives in the CCP the green light once the mass murderer and child molester Mao had gone belly up. If you are savvy to the purpose of the RCE/TA fire base then the turn towards the ChiComm slaver state and away from the west needs to have a concomitant narrative in the west to disguise the long planned move. I mean what is the firebase more comfortable with, NOAHide slavers or free west? Anything that hits the MSM which appears anti RCE/TA is part of the cover storey. Proof, well no one is dead yet. If they weren’t given a license and it was not part of the plan they’d be disappeared whilst climbing a Torr. Sound familiar?

The litmus test for any so called nationalists is the demand for Rock/Roth free banking system. Real money, not credit/debt. You will never get that because they’ve had the limits of their license clearly spelled out to them when first recruited. Can you imagine what would happen if any topic surrounding the RCE/TA firebase mission, Roth thievery disguised as banking and the plan to destroy the Hindus was ever aired at an SNP conference? Can you?

Ergo, traitors. Bought and paid for. Can you imagine what a dump the place is going to be if independent? There will be no oil revenues to feather their nests. Do you know what a banana republic is oh betartaned ones? Do you seriously think that when the likes of the IMF or Buffet decides that the oil is getting shipped out to Brazil or ChiCommland that you will see a red cent? Do you seriously think that any Scottish government is going to do anymore for the people there than the Irish administration did for the aboriginals there who starved when the place was knee deep in food, food that got shipped out the country because the rigged market decided that it was so? Do you seriously think that Rock or Roth will give a flying one when they ship out all the oats and Aberdeen Angus to top restaurants in Dubai and Macao? Do you seriously think that you will fare any better than the millions of starved to death, in what is now Bangladesh, 200 years ago when the same families as run the show now made rational decisions?

Nah all this localism bollox is a cover for further atomisation of the individual so that nothing can stand in the way of the nicely networked, and all covering each other’s backs, banksters and their inbred psychopaths. Oh ginger haired persons and remaining Picts your lovely real estate is coveted by criminal families who live in the diseased shit heaps of the world. You will get cleared out if you don’t WTFU. Go on then why do you think that the old girl who will celebrate 60 years on your throne has done nothing for her subjects, ever? Go on then, name me one thing?

This thought on the nature of these subjects caused me to remark to my ChiComm buddy that the subjects infesting this realm are willingly going back into serfdom. Unlike in ChiCommland where there is a definite head of steam building that will require the current governing gang to loosen up or face the piano wire, UKplc aboriginals have gone into fluorine torpor.

You could tell the muppets resident here anything and they would have no means of challenging it. Tell them they live in a thriving market based economy, not a pirate base, and they’ll swallow it. Tell them that they will get nothing from government and they will swallow any excuse that is given. So much tax take and so little actually delivered. Tell them that their corporations cannot deliver anything they’ve paid for, pensions anyone, and they’ll roll over and die. What I wrote a little while back about the whole world being like England one day is not far off. Imaging it an NWO with people more concerned about X-Farter or Big Muppet’s House than why their NHS is now just a body partsharvesting scam for the elite. How come the UKplc serf gets nothing from these so called health trusts and yet hands over so much tax, so much blood and so many organs?

I’ll tell you why, it is all RICO.

There is a great couple of adverts playing on Sunshine Radio here in the Smoke. The first one wants you to join Mi-Hi and walk around spying on people. Imagine that; it is 2012 and the career moves open to the natives are the same as 100 years ago. Pavement pounding in STASI UK.

The other advert has a bloke complaining that he’s outstayed his visa and what to do now. He’s an illegal alien. Do we fling him out arse first from Stansted? Do we phukk. The UKplc tax payer will set him up in business back home for all his trouble in getting into UKplc and staying as an illegal. I remember my mate Ram the putative porn star, giving me the skinny on what these lads were doing in UKplc. They lived 12 to a room, sent all their cash back home, invested in prawn farms that killed off the shore line, kind of slash and burn aquaculture, and then left after ten years to live in the marble floored villa that their hard earned had built them and their families back home. Ten years parked in a room or slaving in a kitchen, investing in quick return poisoned prawn farms, so much for enriching us with the diversity of their presence.

Quite soon it was time to clear the ice as a junior ice hockey match was on the cards. My ChiComm chum remarked that he’d always been concerned over the ability of the slaver state to pay for all the high tech whizzbangery that was getting rolled out throughout the country and that just for once he now reckoned that the lads back home might actually pull it off, not because of any miracle in economics but because the social engineering signed off by Roth has not finished yet. There are still hundreds of millions on the land that need cleared. Kind of like UKplc 200 years ago. All that happens in UKplc these days is theft of land under cover of an Olympic scam. Go on fluorodated wonders who owns the Olympic real estate? Told you the clearance of UKplc abos is not an illusion.

So there I was sat Sat evening, clear black star spangled sky, chucking accelerant on the charcoal watching the Heathrow bound birds and the odd highflyer, checking out the stars and knocking down another brew when I asked myself the question “Would it really matter if the inbred goons got their NWO as planned? Are the likes of those reading here and at other places where we rant wasting our time?”

I mean are we a right pain in the arse to those who do not care who or what Baroness Ashton is, what the creep Strong and his AGENDA21 buddies are up to or give a flying one that the greatest office in the free world has now been discredited, by design, with a succession of bought and paid for satraps. 50 years usurping the USofA corp.

Is UKplc a shit heap? Like Weimar Germany? Or USofA corp? Why does no one care? If so, why?

Anyway more thoughts from the secretive squirrel’s deep winter BBQ later.