Wednesday, 22 February 2012

NLoveOd aAnd hHatedide.

The real world hosts a potentially infinite number of unrealities in their hyperdimensionalmind. A very old mind with strong foundations. Though not theireal.

Our foolish mind is stunreal.

Do not conflate them.

The clowns destroying the system always throw up jesters,……and others.

Just ask yourself what hyperdimensional property of gold makes inhabited carbon based life forms crazy?

Money lender rabinous madness.

Always slaves with gold, false gold and fiat.

Gold, slaves, trade, god....death and food.

No Fed then gold. No gold, then Fed. Dialectic whilst the thievery goes on silently into the city scape and architected night of geometry, geomancy and alchemical fooling.

I know it is early in the week, so.