Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Won ton soup, slavery and theft.

Here in the EasyJet borough the UKplc’s largest concentration of Chinese can be found in residence. This is a good thing since your correspondent loves wandering around their food shops smelling the great smells only to be found in such emporia. Compare and contrast with the Japanese speciality shops which tend to be much more antiseptic. However something struck me when I was wandering around in a trance within a really big Chinese speciality supermarket and restaurant at the nexus of the Edgware Rd and Nth Circular not long ago. I was struck by the number of staff in the shop, compare and contrast with ALDI/Lidl. As always on these occasions the programming I was subject to when younger aimed at destroying all forms of business that employed the UK abos comes to the fore. How can such over manning and womanning be economically viable? How can so many inhabited carbon based life forms possibly be keeping themselves in rice, roof and rags? From 1975, for a whole generation, all forms of work within UKplc were proven to be unviable by crooked ideologued economists and religiokriminal accountants.

Well of course the answer is that the Chinese community steers well clear of getting government involved in their business affairs. As soon as RICO big government gets involved in any industry you can kiss your living good bye. Everything they do is now larcenous and crooked. O2 CENTRE anyone? Olympic village and surrounding redevelopment? All the land stolen under guise of redevelopment and so called free enterprise. Free booting more like!

Another feature of the RICO borough is the fleets of geezers imported because UKplc has some sort of skills shortage in the area of thieving from the motorist. The geniuses here have decided to jack up parking rates by multiples of hundreds of percent over night and then removed the use of the expensive, almost brand new, solar power parking meters. The result is empty parking lots, deserted high street and local businesses and traders gasping for trade! Phukkin’ Einsteins at the EasyJet RICO borough alrighty.

Now the tale does not end there. Just as when the so called banking industry introduced chip and PIN, under the guise of increased security for us the abo customer, when in fact the scheme was introduced just as the country was getting flooded by criminal gangs disguised as refugees. One asks qui bono? We know that banking is just s front for international criminal activity; I contend that chip and PIN was introduced to facilitate the movement of massive numbers of illegals and criminals into and within UKplc. They could never have done it with the old signature system.

Anyway here we have gangs of so called parking attendants, a rare skill that can only be found in Africa or South America apparently, fitting up the motorist. They’ve all got their targets, as we always suspected, and the whole system is a RICO fest. The icing on the cake is that credit card and debit card details are now flooding the aether around every car park in Barmey RICOborough as the pay your parking fee by mobile phone scam kicks into gear. You can be sure that all these details are getting scammed no matter how much they insist the system is secure. You see the clowns that believe them to be in business in this shit heap of a country always, always going for the cheapest, lowest bid crappiest solution. I cite the case of Casio mentioned yesterday. There is nothing secure in this criminal’s paradise of a failed RICO state.

As a final hurrah today let us raise our eyes towards one of the world’s major criminal nexus. Talk about Kafkaesque pantomime. This lot are an absurdity. When did the perps infesting that dump ever do anything that was for the benefit of the aboriginals in these isles. Aboriginals who live on average, within the smallest houses in Europe. Aboriginals who do not work but serf. Aboriginals who pay through the nose for goods and services that are provided to a better standard and/or less expensively in most other European countries. Aboriginals who pay for great schools of medicine but never get within their doors because the places a chocka with Arab medicine tourists. Aboriginals who will not be getting anywhere near a higher education yet the sons of terrorists and psychopaths get their PhD written for them by an Mi-Hi handler!!!

Border controls, that is a non sequitor. Everyone can wander in with a suitcase full of lucre and get the London IP crowd to keep their overseas victims from getting restitution, the abos cannot leave the country because a Berlinwallesque tax on travel is being erected to keep everyone in and ignorant of the outside world.

Oh and if you don’t believe me then just have a good look at USofA corp. Two UK aboriginals got barred from entry because they were naughty tweeting or twittering and the border guards sent them back. Exactly what happened if you wrote an article criticising Honeker or Brezhnev when the Berlin Wall was up.