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A few wisps of serendipity caught my eye this week, the first of which was Wayne Madsen writing about a bunch that I had meant to take the piss out of after looking through my collection of Lupin III anime again, especially the nature of the character Inspector Zenigata. Bungling, bumbling, fiercely certain Zenigata, with a license to travel all over the world causing chaos. However Wayne did a better job of outlining the stark reality so I will limit myself to comments and addenda to his excellent article.

Here’s the start of Madsen’s article. H/T A-W-I-P  

“Welcome to the new INTERPOL – the International Criminal Police Organization -- a carbon copy of the INTERPOL that was briefly headquartered in Berlin under the Nazi regime. Today, INTERPOL, an international law enforcement agency composed of 190 members nations, INTERPOL, headquartered in Lyon, France, is under the control of Secretary General Ron K. Noble, a former Undersecretary for Enforcement of the U.S. Treasury Department. Under Noble, INTERPOL is tracking political dissidents while leaving gangsters and other criminals, especially those wanted by Russia, remain at large.

Noble was the head of the Treasury Department’s “Waco Administrative Review Team,” which covered up the actions of his Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in their siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. That siege resulted in the deaths of 84 members of the separatist Seventh Day Adventist sect, including their leader David Koresh, and four of Noble’s BATF agents in a deadly shootout that was followed by the burning down of the sect’s compound. 

I deliberately chose the ending of that snippet to highlight the total abnegation of the ,so called, purpose of those trials by the modern religiokriminal infested RICO state, NGO and transnational corporate person. It was all a great big preplanned piss take. Part of the cleanup team after 50 year long wet job. Just like the cold war, exhaust the USofA corp., and the fabrication of the Holocaust. All constructed to keep the massive crimes sponsored by the RCE/LC and RCE/TA and visited upon 100 million Christians in Europe secret until time could kill those survivors who remembered exactly what had happened to them and who never got anywhere near the bitchboys and boybitch eunuchs of the MSM.

For it illustrates a hidden thing that I have never seen commented upon anywhere. If it is a given that here is indeed a concerted effort today to bring about a unified world under, for sake of example, a Rothschild 3rd temple made of all the worlds gold on the Mount? Then why does no one reckon that the same bunch of clowns are responsible for actually putting in place international arms of enforcement like INTERPOL and OGPU, supposedly dialectical, to carry out a common purpose. Commies and NAZIs the same types paid for by the religiokriminal banksterganksterskanksters in RCE/LC and RCE/NY with the adgenda of culling the non compliant.

RCEs nominally monoheathen and stretching their tentacles into all three branches of monoheatenism. So who’s to say that the geezers sitting in the big house didn’t drum up the three, admittedly, different branches of Môn heathenism and the false dialectic, 1500 years ago with a similar purpose.

Each of the creatures controlled or controlling the pace of human development through the magic of alchemical finance and sacramental voyages. The real question you see is what was the religion, if any, of the geezers who handed out the idea of monoheathenism and tied it inseparably to the magic of money through an original crime scene deep in Babylon and Ur. This is the original crystal, the seed, of social engineering around which everything else is arranged. Destroy that and there might be freedom for all. Though this is not without its counter intutitive outcome.  I believe the goons know much more than we will ever know about ourselves. Their might be some truth to the upper limits of the two populations. Slaver and free. 1 million despots and 999million serfs OR I billion free persons. I know this is counterintuitive because both are eugenicist outlooks.

Anyway back to the Nazis, the BIS and INTERPOL both staffed by NAZIs before their original backers steamrollered the muppets from Germany right on cue. The Commies, COMINTERN and KGB, both stuffed with khazidroids before their original backers bankrolled them to take the Soviet Union down. Both lots of dialectical daleks performing a similar social engineering purpose with full sanction from the funny money printers. The purpose of it all? To steal all the independent wealth of the peoples from Hamburg to Lemberg in the years 1939-1945. The religious imperative of the funny money clowns who worship the alchemical finance if the confiscation and/or destruction of independent wealth. This is an important factor when weighing up their next move in the modern world. Everyone reckons that they are seeking to thieve the oil and use it to wring more tribute from the human population. However just consider that they might consider it a time to drop a new dark age on the western world now that the remaining free precious metals are concentrated in India. Destruction of the oil reserves and or technical knowledge in extraction thereof might be the preferred option. It has been done before in parts of the world to get rid of the non-compliant, though the reasons vary. Rome circa 400AD and China circa 1450AD.

As an aside, when I was a lad getting instruction in classical civilisation the lessons would from time to time note the following curiosity, one of those “mysteries” that the mature mind now recognises as the redaction of knowledge and the in your face piss take. The mystery is always stated along the lines “Greeks so inventive, curious, enquiring, creative, artistic, genius. Romans utilitarian, industrious, bloody but lacking something. How curiously different the two great western classical civilisations. One following directly from the other”

Well you and I know that the two “western civilisations” were at heart completely unalike. Greece was western, Rome was oriental despotic. Rome was spiritually dead. Rome was not western. It was 
a vehicle for Ba’al Hammon.

Problem solved.

If you think this is irrelevant to the modern world, this battle over 3000 or more years between western genius and the dead hand of Ba’al Hammon then you better not read any further. You worship Ba’al Hammon, the child sacrificing, and the killer belief in the alchemical debt as money scam. You are irredeemably invested in the original crime scene.

A great run around the Greek, western mind, has been in play for at least 2,500 years and continues to this day. I’ll take you a little back in time to illustrate this proposition. I’ll take you to a where millions and millions, soon to be 100 million persons, were being killed of by the heroes of Ba’al Hammon and a schism of faith was revealed. Ignore the arcane references here because this directly impacts how the so called ABM shields protecting Europe will fail.

So WTFU up and pay attention.

As I mused in Dates to rememberbefore and after 9/11 the USofA corp. is due for a good doing soon, a symbol will be taken down after a decade and half of heathen debauchery. The basis of the society there is going to get a Sergeist moment.


IN ENGLAND there has appeared a book by Nikita Strove, Christians in Contemporary Russia,[2] in 

which he, like others also in the West, in general approves the activity of Patriarch Sergius, even comparing him with Sergius of Radonezh and Patriarch Ermogen. [3] In the West Patriarch Sergius is virtually considered to be the savior of the Orthodox Church in Russia. Such an incorrect evaluation of the activity of Patriarch Sergius is based on the fact that Western researchers are not familiar with the underground facts and manifestations of the life of theRussian Orthodox Church. The roots of the profound ecclesiastical crisis whichhas now been revealed were laid precisely by Patriarch Sergius.” 
The most obvious target in USofA corp. is the constitution, a traitor will appear to confuse and obfuscate the demolition of this final, almost gutted, symbol. It may functionally be irrelevant to do so but ceremony demands that it be done. Who will it be? Well from what I’ve seen of the circus, the deliberate choosing of mentalist and unattractive zombie candidates, in the Republican party, the word is on the street to get the illegal alien back into the white house where he can burn more tax payers debt financed taxes on jetting around the ghetto that will be USofA corpse.
Now that may seem terminal to the nation but fear not, the plans of the heathenoids always contain the seeds of their failure, they really do suffer from the eternal sin committed at the original crime scene. No other possibility exists.
Here’s another little item that when I read it’s full implications caused me to put a little fact that I came across a little while back about one of the current crop of heathenoid oligarchs skulking from Russian justice, in place and to modify my reasons for the designer destruction of the Soviet union. It might be Beresovsky. I won’t give too much away to note that this criminal really wanted to be a cosmonaut (If you recognise this bitchboy’s true identity, please drop me a line, the article in which I originally found the ref has been expunged) he could not fulfil his ambition because by then, the 1960/70s, the Soviets had introduced quotas to stop the khazidroids crowding out everyone from the choice careers and professions.
Anyway more on that later.
So back to CCCP 80-90 years ago.

Now let us fast forward the best part of 20 years when two things have occurred.

Uncle Joe realised that he’d been used.

He was making plans to unify the nation for the great struggle for existence in the Cold War.

All of a sudden the churches are to be given a bit more leeway, but…..

3. This ‘Church’ is KGB

When Stalin decided to present a fake, Stalinist ‘Patriarchate’ to the people, he ordered the surviving handful of Sergianists to make Sergius their Patriarch (Sept. 4, 1943) and placed the whole new Soviet ‘Patriarchate’ under the direction of head of the Commissarate for Repression of Religious Cults, NKVD [proto-KGB] General G. Karpov and his “Council for Religious Affairs.” So, the head of the antireligious arm of the KGB (the Commisarate of Cults) and the director of the new Moscow Patriarchate’s church administration were one and the same man.

According to the “Fundamental LaAffairsw of the Soviet Union”, the Moscow Patriarchate (until 1991), “is under the control of the Council for Religious Affairs” and its system of regional and local officials, all of which are composed of antireligious Communist Party and KGB leaders. KGB General Furov, the head of the “Directorate for Russian Orthodox Church Affairs” and a governor of the CPSU/KGB’s “Council for Religous ”, reported in 1974 to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union:

“The Synod [of the Moscow Patriarchate] is under the control of the [CPSU/KGB’s] Council for Religious Affairs. The question of the selection and placing of its permanent members was and remains completely in the hands of the Council, and the candidature of the non-permanent members is also agreed beforehand with responsible members of the Council. All issues which are to be discussed at the Synod are first discussed by Patriarch Pimen and the permanent members of the Synod with the leaders of the [KGB] Council and in its departments, and the final ‘Decisions (Opredeleniya) of the Holy Synod’ are also agreed.”

In essence, the Patriarchate neither elected bishops nor made decisions until after the KGB/CPSU Council had told them what the election outcome or decision would be. Every official statement was co-authored by militant atheism’s chiefs and every one of the bishops was the appointee of the KGB/CPSU antichrists.

Likewise, commenting on how his own ‘Metropolia’ (a 1947 schism from ROCOR, now called the OCA) was decreed canonical and autocephalous by Moscow ‘Patriarch’ Pimen, Metropolitan Theodosius candidly remarked a few years ago: “Personally, given the political situation of the Soviet Uion at that time, I am amazed that the autocephaly was granted at all. How the Russian Church was ablen to do this, how it negotiated with the Soviet Government’s Council on Religious Affairs– these are things I did not ask’ (June/July 1995 issue of the official newspaper of the OCA, “The Orthodox Church”, p. 10). [The supposed grant of autocephaly from the real Russian Orthodox Church was in fact a payment from the KGB/CPSU to these American schismatic bishops in exchange for the Metropolia’s surrendering to the M.P./KGB control the Japanese Orthodox Church and offering a promise of silence and collaboration with the antichristian U.S.S.R. KGB Colonel Oleg Kalugin states flatly that through this the OCA became heavily infiltrated with KGB agents, doubtless, uniformed in klobuks, crosses, and cassocks.]

It was the KGB General Kuroyedov that ordered the Patriarchate to join the Ecumenical Movement and the W.C.C. [about which we shall speak further below], reporting to the Communist Central Committee in 1960:

“The Patriarch accepted the recommendation of the [KGB] Council [For Religious Affairs] concerning the entry of the Russian Orthodox Church into the membership of the World Council of Churches and evaluated this as a major action of the Russian Orthodox Church in its activities abroad.’”

Consequently, the Soviet ‘Church’ was officially incorporated into the W.C.C. in 1961. And it was certainly on the Council’s orders that the MP issued ultimatums to the Patriarchates forbidding their Pan-Orthodox conference of 1962 to discuss their agenda topic “The Fight Against Atheism,” the act of a truly faithful servant of militant atheism, one of many such services to follow. For instance, the immediate fruit of the MP’s entry into the WCC was placement of an effective block on any WCC discussion or protest of religious persecution in the USSR (despite the fact that Krushchev had just closed 80% of the few remaining churches in the USSR and issued orders [1962] to arrest all minors [and their parents] who were caught attending Church services). At the same time, the MP WCC delegates secured (from 1969 until 1979) over $15,000,000 in WCC funding for 3rd world communist revolutionary groups including the Viet Cong in recognition of their ‘Christian’ struggle for racial and social justice! In 1966, the Central Committee of the WCC (their chief policy-making body), declared that “American victory in Vietnam would cause long- range difficulties” and they called upon “the United States to halt its bombing of North Vietnam and review and modify its policy of trying to contain communism.” It also proposed that the West stop resisting and recognize the militant atheists also as legitimate rulers of China and welcome them into the U.N. and the Security Council, abandoning the claim of Chinese Christians and nationalists exiled to Taiwan. This and many other over and covert services to militant atheism and apostasy did the so-called MP render her KGB/CPSU council of masters under the auspices of the Ecumenical Movement.

The current Patriarch himself is a recognized, infamous KGB agent (codename ‘Drozdov’) and is cited in the aforementioned “Furov Report” as the most zealous for the Soviet cause among the MP bishops. The Estonian newspaper “Postimees” (of March 18, 1996) in “A Shadow Hangs over Patriarch Alexis (II)” has published excerpts from the KGB reports of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic preserved in the local state archives, including the following KGB report:

“Agent ‘Drozdov’, born in 1929, a priest of the Orthodox Church, has a higher education, a degree in theology, perfectly speaks Russian, Estonian, and limited German; he enlisted (in the KGB) on February 28, 1958, out of patriotic feelings in order to expose and drive out the anti-Soviet elements among the Orthodox clergy, with whom he has connections, which present an overriding interest to KGB agencies. At the time of enlistment it was taken into consideration that in the future (after securing his practical work) he would be promoted through available channels to Bishop of Tallinin and Estonia. In the period of his collaboration with the organs of KGB, ‘Drozdov’ has proved himself in a positive manner, is accurate in his reports, energetic, and sociable. He understands theological matters and international situations well. He is eager to fulfill tasks given to him by us (KGB) and has already presented a number of worthy materials...After securing the agent in practical work for the agencies of state security concretely worked out, we intend to use him to further our interests through sending him into the capitalistic countries as a member of ecclesiastical delegations...” (In other words he was a vicious spy-informer-persecutor of any Christian who was not 100% pro-Bolshevik, helping deliver them up to the KGB and the firing squad or the gulag; also, note that the KGB decided, not the Church, that he would become Bishop of Estonia; having proved so thoroughly a tool of the KGB, it next wants to use him as a foreign spy and propagandist. Finally:)

“According to KGB archival documents opened briefly in the early 1990’s, in 1988 “An order was drafted by the USSR KGB chairman to award an honorary citation to agent DROZDOV” (the future Patriarch Alexis II) “for outstanding intelligence services”.” (This eager servant of the devil now heads the Moscow Patriarchate [consisting of other KGB agent-‘bishops’]!)
The MP is the KGB-Church, the Stalinist-Church, the Soviet Church, and in that regard it is worth quoting St. John Maximovitch’s 1964 letter “On the Expression ‘Soviet Church’”:

“It is not correct to speak of the ‘Soviet Church’--which is something the ‘Church’ cannot be in the true sense of the word ‘Church’--but about the hierarchy that acts as the agent of the Soviet regime. One’s attitude toward this hierarchy should be the same as toward the other representatives of this [i.e., the Soviet] regime.”

So, how today would one approach a Bolshevik commissar? Asking a blessing? Certainly not and so neither should someone seeking the authentic Church go to a Soviet hierarch or hierarchy that received their position by virtue of the KGB’s recognition of their merits as communist agents!” Source 

Just to shorten things for you if the whole doc is too much, the priesthood are all formally KGB agents from 1943.

Part 2 tomorrow.