Tuesday, 28 February 2012

History never repeats itself, however….

…..the heathenoids’ play book is a Reduced Instruction Set of Criminality.

Basically if you are part of a non compliant society you get vaped. This meme repeats over and over again throughout history where ever the monoheathenoid religiokriminalslavergoldthieves and lifetakers pitch up.

Two things bugging me today and they really ought to hit the other shop; however they apply to the present/immediatude so they’ll stay here.

The ZGR posted a nice piece from, admittedly on my watch list, Makow which chimes with my lifelong feeling that what I have been taught or expected to believe is bollox.

Got that, the indefatigable struggle against those licensed to occupy my attention space. That especially goes for those pointing out the obvious regarding stooges and banksters. What I’m looking for are folks not seeking to have me attend ritual and worship but just to put it out there and hang the consequences. Those peeps are few and far between.

I mean if you don’t know by now that the dialectic is all staged in every part of human reason then you ain’t going to be getting into the nitty gritty are you. You will spend all your days heads stuck in the ovens or praying that the RCE/TA fire base gets it.


Reason and justice has never been part of the human condition in the aggregate, that level of abstraction only exists in the world of the lamplighter. We need to focus on the very long plan that the foe’s agent is engaged in for the past 7000 years at least.

So forget the banksters, mass murderers, social engineers and assorted lazy fools that are the tools of the foe’s agent and concentrate on the guys who created all the killing machines, from Brian to Zion it is all a false toxic construct and most of those seeking to bring “lost” or “hidden” knowledge into our ken are playthings and programmes of the foe’s agent’s media enforcers. If anyone has listened to, and I include Tsarion in this, any of our so called dangerous men trying to get all etymological with us then you know you are being piss taken in this regard. If you have read any of David Rohl’s early stuff you will know even he shies clear of this deliberately obfuscated subject and he’s a frikkin’ expert. The reason I say deliberately is because the study of all those papyri and cuneiform tablets is behind a CSI tape, we are not to get in. So to expect Marrs et al, USofA corp. mainly mind, to be doing anything other than licensed show boating is a fools’ realm.

So what is pissing me off that no one else mentions?


Consider the heathenoid agent; spaghetti boy Polo (What was your real handle china?). We are supposed to believe he went walk about for a bit of fun. Nah. Consider the Admirals of the Imperial Chinese Navy who mapped the world without aid of chronometers. Consider the arrival of geezers in Middle and South America fulfilling prophecy about white beardies turning up. Consider the unlikelihood of that roll over happening if our Chink eunuchs had heaved into view.


(Couldn’t resist this. BWAHAHAHAHAAA  H/T ZGR.  If you got what I was getting at about the failure of the NATO missile shield with all its 6 Sigma shit and counterfeited ChiComm parts run through a RICO industrial base and heathenoid accounting system then get ready to be terrified. The missile shield is not meant to work, it is stage scenery in a scary movie which we will be forced to watch soon from the darkness.)

So there I was out last Saturday night and got to meet my new Peruvian drinking buddy for the second time since he arrived last Dec. He’s got his own ideas about the Nasca plain and who were really the gods of Peru, all of which I got at our first meeting, when I had left him with a shed load of things to research before our next meeting. One of those things being the ideas of Matthew DeloozeMatthew Delooze/ Dr Dee. Noting that your correspondent seemed to be just as off planet on the ayhawasca scale as himself he promised to have a swaatch.

Well the lad had been busy in the real world this last 12 weeks or so since we had first met and had not had the time to even scratch the surface of the malarkey. To make amends, since he’s from Cusco, he’d gone down the Old Kent Road and sourced all sorts of good Peruvian stuff at Sol Andino. So when yours truly and Mrs INCOMING!!!!!!! arrived at their gaff Mr Cusco y esposa Ingles made us welcome with what was fantastico trenching and swilling. Other guests arrived and then two interesting things occurred.

Whilst asking if mein host had managed to get any CorrieEndersTOWIE time in, to destroy his hard work studying English before arriving in this open prison, we found out that most other South Americans, Columbians etc. spend their time speaking Spanish, so he doesn’t tend to spend much time with the amigos, he said. Then referring to the Spanish, as I necked another shot of piso, and I paraphrase he let forth “The mokker phuther genocidal psychonaughts who killed my people, wiped us out the Phukk D’Wittz”

(Just a little note here about the structure of this here mindbarph, everything up to and including the lone word “Spain” up there was written around last Thur/Fri when I then got tore into a couple of new books, tried to finish something mega overdue for the other shop, as well as reading other folks blogs, so this here drivelling stalled. En boca as it were. Everything after has been hammered onto the pixels since Sunday evening when I got back from setting the secretive squirrel’s back garden on fire again. Isn’t synchronicity funny in it’s non local way?)

Now yours truly warms to this kind of real politique, here is a geezer who knows what is what, I thought.

So I proffered my shot glass for another neck of piso and stated one word to see what reaction I was going to get.

I know what you are thinking, you are thinking I’m going to start raving about the Ba’al Hammon bishop of Rome or Carthaginians or Phoenicians or Babylon. No.

I said.


Which brought a smile from my Andean co swiller and before we could get ripped into the history of Iberia, members of the Alinskyite tribe arrived. Mein host left me to it whilst he welcomed them indoors.

I’d met the Alinskyites once before, friends of esposa Ingles, and was intrigued by their ability to be trendily ensconced in the charity/public sectors. Each having achieved a state of blissful minority diversity compliance and fulfilment. Now if you clocked my ref to the Chink Muslim eunuch almirantes you will get a partial answer to the question," Is he/she tactically, operationally, day-to-day, strategically, biologically, opportunistically or mentally gay?" I mean if a monoheathenist will have his own balls ripped off so he can join the Chink civil service then a lifetime’s mash seam or butt welding is piggy heaven in comparison. They are all without issue for me.

Anyway this time the great band of communitarians all ended up in the kitchen, then they phucked off outdoors, then they hit the kitchen and then fukked off outdoors again. In out in out. Emperor Cusco had rejoined us on several occasions by now and had knocked off so much piso he was chachachaing, so no converso los conquistadores then I thought.

Anyway my eating irons had been silent for a while now so I decided to saunter into the kitchen and load up with some more Andean delicacies. There they were all numpty discussing their various visits to the krim family Frank’s hovel in Dutchland, the novels of various fakirs from the work camps and the usual brain washed bollox. Oh and they skipped outside again to schmoke some more gear and quaff a load more Champers. Oh yes ‘twas the real McCoy as I found out when one was sent back into the kitchen to retrieve yet another bottle from the fridge shortly thereafter. Typical, just like their kin parked in the Soviet Union cities and towns whilst the Kulaks starved in their millions. Ever so PC. They are all conversant with the holohoaxbollox but have no idea what really was going on. Anyway they tooled back inside as I was shuvveling a load of dead chicken Cusco stylee down my yap and I had to listen to some more crap about the fear of receiving parcels through your letter box in the 3rd Reich. Red Cross parcels perhaps? No such thing for the Kulaks. Oh and no heathenoid bankster from RCE/NY or RCE/LC ever got a geezer to smuggle out a shed load of Christians from the Ukraine did they? We don’t hear about their trials and tribulations because they really were all slaughtered by the heathenoid khazidriods. They really were killed in an industrial scale, exterminated, removed from existence.

Anyway I was about to pile into the mokker phuthers by taking them on the flank, where their Alinskyite training would not have prepared them, after being given an intro when they mentioned the Red Army in Germany, where all these so called survivors were awaiting liberation. Yeah like phukk they were, by that time the word was out that they were going to get it as well.

I was about to remark that history is not written by the victors, it is script written long before the shooting ever starts and that the novellas and tales of tragedy simply fulfilled the script writers requirements in getting the whole story suppressed by amnesia on the part of those stranded behind the hermitic curtain called IRON and the delusional imaginings of the scribes on this side of the crime scene. Why else did Patton stay in the US Army, he was off long before the first shot but was  told that a big one was in the planning so he stayed in, if the whole thing hadn’t been gamed long before hand.

At that point the good woman who looks after the life form scribbling here hauled me off into the night, she saw the look, and she didn’t want anyone’s first wedding anniversary ruined no matter the company they keep.

So off I went to set the secretive squirrel's back garden on fire. It was midnight.

So Spain.

Do you seriously think I am going to fall for the old “There is no connection between Polo swanning around out East, China getting trashed by monoheathenoids, the sabotage of the Chinese great voyages of discovery and all their knowledge, the sudden appearance of geezers from Iberia fulfilling blonde, white prophecy in NovaSina?” Do you really expect me to believe that the imaginings of a bunch of Sabbateans is anything other than scriptwritten again?


More later on Patton and script written history.