Thursday, 2 February 2012

Three Questions?

Did I not tell you so? alt source in case extragoodshit goes down again.
Where is the USS Jimmy C? Just to add a little more detail to this article, Jimmy C is a “very special” modified boat. For those with a turney burney frame of mind she’s an F15K, her two lesser sister boats are F15Cs.

Europeans, just how far up shit creek are you now paddled you paddle less, Rothschild rent boy fools? 

Told ya so, didn’t I?

I’ll indulge myself with a fifth question gratia.

Do you know how long you’ve been getting ethnically cleansed from your lands, and by whom?

Here’s a little clue, though seemingly over parochial. H/T Vatic

2,500 years ago Hannibal and Hasdrubal looked upon the native Gauls of Iberia as Roth/Rock view you now. Thick, chattel, slaves, cannon fodder and too primitive to understand they were having their gold stolen.

I’ll let the ZGR put the boot in , though he does go with the Hitlertochter legend, I would not be surprised.