Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Stepford Kinder 2

Finally both BBQs were up to speed and the warmest place to be on that freezing Sat evening was right between them stirring the coals.

Overhead, in the black, an A380 heaved around an invisible waypoint and headed into the city. The secretive squirrel popped out from the kitchen with a load of minted lamb chops, Chinese pork ribs, Richmond Irish sausages, BBQ flavour pork loins and corn on the cob. Then he disappeared back indoors to give an estimated ETA for the first load of carbonised produce from the Qs. I watched the A380’s vast shadow black in black with the tail light up so night owls know what airline is about to pass them through the fan casing. A likely false flag target mused I, not for the first time, and then for some weird reason, as I exercised my chiller chit again, I wondered just what can be gleaned about the likely mental and spiritual state of the UKplc peasantry from the adverts that infest the idiot’s mirror? For those of you not subjected to travel restrictions let me give you a brief synopsis.

Payday loans, agents reclaiming missold insurance, car insurance, banks that stole our money and property trying to get us to take more debt.

What a racket. The Fed lends out money at zero percent and the payday loan scammers take around 2000% interest from the poor slobs that cannot afford to feed themselves. Of course the obvious answer, pay people a living wage, can never be entertained because we do not live in an economy any more, we live in a curse.

The banksters curse has infected all areas of life on the part of the planet known as the west.

According to the latest crafted magic wordy words from the mediawhores, persons in this country are going without meals, regularly, so their children are not hungry. Just to take this astonishing fact out of the public consciousness the newstrolloppes then scare the phekk out of us today by pointing out that border controls in this island of restricted knowledge lost control of over half a million persons entering this open prison. More evidence that the whole GWOT is a fake if ever it was needed. Is nothing in this dump of a borstal fit for purpose? I’d love to see all the investors in people awards, all the 6 Sigma bollox and all the ISO9000 awards these so called corporations and businesses have awarded themselves. Did anyone catch the Top Gear Christmas special when they tooled through India? The charwallahs in Bombay must be damned near 7 Sigma and I’ll bet you not one of the lads has ever read a so called business text book. Business as an academic pursuit is just this societies version of Mao’s little Red Book or the Spouting of the sayings of Lenin. All are Reduced Instruction Set Clowning for the restricted mentalists.

There can be no doubt that the main play has nothing to do with the societies represented by NATO. They’ve all be denatured and turned into self policing clone camps. There is no chance of an uprising. As I quipped to my ChiComm buddy last week the people in the west will soon be so dumbed down that they will be economically useless, other than as walking spare body part depots.
So I pulled on the brew, fired the chops and good things onto the Qs and wondered about whether we are getting set up for the next false flag attack which, as I’ve mused on before, would be the shooting down of a packed Chinese A380. The aerospace press is full of stories about the A380’s wings cracking up and the RR motors going bang. What do we find heaving intoview? Too much A380 news on the MSM grooming us.

It is not a matter of IF, but WHEN the next big one gets kicked off by the heathenoid banksters operating out of RCE/NY and RCE/LC. This is what they do, they are not concerned with money, they are religious zealots determined to kill of all non compliant believers on earth.

The two parts of the dialectic, which as per operational necessity, are heaving with the heathenoids’ agents are India and ChiCommland, with their disputed border areas just waiting to be used as part of the casus belli. The maximum impact, like the sinking of the Lusitania, must be clear with no ambiguity. In clear sight, not like Fukushima or WTC with the agents all over the shop laying false trails and muddying the waters from even before the event. This one needs to be clear and for all to see, especially the target audience. The Chinese middle classes and the fall guys the Indians, likely turncoats really operated by the ISI. Just as in the phoney war started by RCE/LC in Sept 1939 it may take years to get all the parts arranged before the real war kicked off  like in 1942.

It is coming, India is non compliant and its society needs to be denormalised. The banksters’ favourite model society is tooled up for a fight and the timetable is set.

This kind of activity is a definite marker that something is going to be done quite soon and if this is a war of stasis like WW1 we can expect the full panoply of weaponry to be unleashed to kill of the young. Look at the place it is full of worshippers who have the audacity to worship something that Roth/Rock are not in charge of or have not destroyed and corrupted yet. The Roth/Rock hate that. They hate not being the centre of attention, the monomaniacal clowns!

With that thought in mind I trundled into something I’d been kicking around in my noddle for a little while.

When I gave you a swatch at the 20 quaternions that represented the conception of JCM of electromagnetism, a while back, I didn’t mention that Maxwell opined that in order to fully resolve the details of this concept one needed to think in hyperdimensionality. You cannot get your head round this in 3D I’m afraid. The reason I’m repeating myself here is to do two things.

Firstly to get 4 and 5 dimensions into your noodle AND to raise the interesting spectre of an all seeing entity which works nonstop to destroy advanced conceptions of reality. As was done with JCM’s work quite quickly after his death. Oh and the corollary of that is the promotion of thick as mince scientific superstar wankstators for the consumption of the herd in the parklands. Thinking like a bankster yet?

So when we get the bollox spoon fed to us by Darwin’s modern proponents and we don’t get allowed to consider Lamarckian selection, do we? Why? Well perhaps Lamarckian ideas would give the game way about those who worship in secret, whilst telling us to get all atheistic and live in gated communities breeding amongst their kin.

Isn’t that so Rothschild?

It might, along with quantum ideas of DNA, explain intergeneration consistency in the pursuit of all independent wealth and its replacement with debt and serfs. The psychopathy of banking and the corruption of everything it touches.

Just think on that, the transmission of selected for characteristics of elitism and sociopathy through the living circumstances of the self selected few. In this we see the genius of the Watchers at work and now you’ve got an answer as to why cities suddenly made an appearance. They are carefully designed vessels for Lamarckian selection.

The minted lamb chops were fantastic BTW.

More later, perhaps at the other shop now that I'm getting into this Dar/Lam/DNA stuff which I reckon gives a little glimpse into the moneychangers' madness.