Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Great Brown Stain.

GV notes.

BTW 9 months out, from the day his controllers finally wrested the levers of power from their Manchurian candidate's mentalist grasp, that one eyed fuckedwitz must be getting a lot of fan mail from his bosses congratulating him for a job well done now that they’ve had time to reflect on his handywork and the industrial strength horse pills are no longer needed to stop him burning even more fiat based debt under the still twitching corpses of UKplc aboriginals.

I always said there had to be a reason why he was told to take the election date down to the wire. He was told to stay because they knew the total trashing of the political settlement was to be carried out whilst we were all worried about a depression. Since his mission was to trash UKplc even 5 years might not be enough to put the place back on an even keel though!!!

In fact it will not be remediated under iDave, the wave of rent seekers is here to stay and in case you didn’t get iDave’s Munchen speech I’ll translate.

"UKplc muppets resident at her majesty’s pleasure before 1997, subjects today. Any of you get shirty about having your country sold out from under you and you will be treated as extremists and shot dead.

All rentseekers resident since 1997 know that this is the settlement. Not for you a win/win situation, bitches."

UKplc will never get put back together, it will evolve into a prison for those of us unfortunate enough to have been here before 1997. Brown will make sure of that when his new billet in the iGREEN funny money machine of the foundation pyramid is readied for him.

Don’t forget GV the fucker sold off the gold to cover internationalist criminal activity and rigging of markets. There are no free markets any more just RICO. Then the fucker took VAT off gold for his rich mates to pile into their personal pension funds AND slapped more VAT on silver so the ordinary punter gets fucked up the arse again!!!

The internationalist, dense as two fucking short ends, over educated and laurelled, traitorous fucktard!!!

Just had to get that off my chest, now back to what I was going to put up today.

Cya’ll later…hopefully today.