Thursday, 10 February 2011


…those who politley suggest that I may be a tad obtuse, nay obscure, nay down right opaque as a dim light in a locked box; sometimes upon reflection I think they may have a point.

All the TeeVee food shows are part of a ceremony to fuck our minds in preparation for the coming famine.

From my second ever blogging.

Oh to be a TV sheff. Must be like leading the gilded life at Memphis looking back at Set Tepi. All ceremony. Remember the butter mountain, the wine lake. Starving, it’s ceremony; all the cooks on the box are priests of the human harvest. Ignorant, unaware, basted, over relaxed shellfish Bastards.

I make that 20 months ago. Not bad, not bad at all.

I think it was 18 months ago that I also noticed that domestic bunkering of oil in RCE/TA was suggestive of a coming interruption of oil supply to the West.

I wonder if I called that one correct?