Monday, 28 February 2011

Where do these fools work in the pirate ship to get so much lucre?

Part of this canister of crap is on the Tithed GGT 2night.

You have to ask two things about 21st century UKplc.

1.) How British is UKplc?

2.) How much education can these people actually take on board?

Cameron might be correct in abolishing education completely. Older societies would never fall for this tired old shit which has been going on for 2500 years at least, in the Aussie Phoenicians’ basin. In mature, affliction and disease resistant societies you have to do this and destroy all property and food supply to kill the chthoniclearned.

Funnily enough just north and east of the line where the oxen plough could till the land after the Roman legions had departed, all that happened.

The Ziggurat Line.

This degenerated obsessional theft with food and land is the level to which property ownership(?) will reduce in the UKplc until everything is communitarian. Thanks to Prescott and his Victorian packing densities.(I’ll bet you never missed a gear change whilst on illumined, wooded, wildley, widely chosen lands).

However the stealing and killing machine’s eternal tax will be handed over to the unlanded and nonpropertied gods. The chosen soiled unearthed.

Market clearing will take care of it all, right here, right now. As planned. BOOOOOOoooomm!!!!