Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I’ve just noticed that….

..it is someone’s special day today.

What could we do to finally finish the murderous old bitchboy toady off? What to send the psychopath that has everything his people don't have?

No Black Helicopters overhead, MiB overheard or Black Limos stoogeing around this guy’s villas.

Stupid hair, stupid shades, stupid clothes and stupid grin. It has to be part of the contract they sign with TPTB in order to get their right bastard license.

No discomfort for this muppet.

Oh no he’ll die peacefully in his bed whilst the old and infirm in the UKplc NHS die in agony, offed by their carers on the quiet.

So happy 69th birthday you old, soon to be dead, fucker.