Wednesday, 16 February 2011

On the trail.

Not all the saddles are filled yet, as you know. The one’s that are filled go about their business and from time to time they’ll meet on the trail. We had the pleasure of just such a serendipitous collision recently.

Who knows what they were really up to. MK might have been heading over the Rio Grande to visit the muchachas and Catherine trotting into El Paso for more fist fightin’, chewin’ baccy and sippin’ whiskey, who knows.


Comments and observations?

CAF let a big one slip out and it was allowed to melt away unremarked. Yes Catherine, space. What’s going on? I too am intriguied by the idea that the slobs have taken off. My favourite though is that they’ve knicked the loot and not Alternate 3’d it. However if I am to have any consistency within my musings on who’s up to the general briquelageing (I’ve just invented that word. The English language has some limitations which are exposed when dealing with the higher forms of conspiracy :-O) then yes Catherine the use of the stolen funds to re-engineer the lost tech. is a viable postulation.

Something else that the gunfighters mention is fiscalisation. Monetisation of everything including human life. When I was younger, before digging into the source of the problem, I noticed that money was a fantastic moral solvent. Drop any society into a vat of liquidity and watch it dissolve before your eyes. How does that work at the moment? Well the Universal Spreadsheet that is deployed by the spreadsheet terroriStasi. The same guys that staffed the CHEKA and the SD, the same guys that gave the intellectual window dressing to killing people in very, very large numbers for the Nazis and Soviets, these same slobs infest our public life. Each and every one of us is allocated our cell and the spreadsheet terroristas make our existence one long uninterrupted nightmare of fantasy and cooercion, until they delete out entry. Every system has gone RICO and psycho. Catherine is correct though. 99% of us are happy to be undisturbed in our cosy little goal. We’ve been coopted by design and we love it. Oh I’ll bet the poor slobs that ended up in Silesian and Siberian death camps also felt just as comfy as IBM went about its business.

Go on. Name one system that isn’t full of murderers. Equal opportunity, diversity compliant schytzoid homocidal dial a killer maniacs. All living in the sterile uniform monoculture their master demands. Their master wants child slavery, human debauchery and eunuchs like the good old days. Now that the world is neck deep in fiat lucre there are no more morals, no more checks and balances, no more good people watching the places where the wild things hive. In the fell places where the evil broods its pleasure no one ventures any more to do battle again because the human population has been gullified ( another new wordy word) into innocence in the face of demonic possession. Human society has been put into a solution where there is all pervasive nothing amidst glaring universal human suffering.

For example in UKplc there are humungous amounts of money that doesn’t exist being given to states that are burning off fossil fuels in air displays and military exercises. All the while aboriginals in UKplc die in the body part chop shop known as the UKplc NHS. Or freeze to death alone in their stinking hovels. Nothing changes. Wind the clock back 100 years and you’d have massive piles of lucre that didn’t exist being shovelled at Russia and Germany, whilst UKplc aboriginals broke danced to rickets and dwarfism. The funny money always gets stuffed into the mouths of the soon to be violently dead. Engineered unalive and totally Iron Mountaineered.

Back then all the refugees and political dissidents headed to safety in USofA corp where they set about destroying that nation. Now adays where are the refugees and dissidents, no they aren’t fleeing now, they are trouble stirring cowards getting out of the conflagration they’ve stoked? Well Catherine that takes us back to what you dropped.

Who was wandering around with the tech. to build the Alternate 3 escape? Who’s been sending out invites and Einstieg Durchlauf? Where might the departures lounge be for the few lucky Djinned elitists?

As I remarked at Bryan’s shop a little while back, if we stopped the excesses, importantly the joining in part, of the clowns in the 1st class departure lounge, if we stopped being seduced by their empty promises to accompany them, if we stood up and rejected the rubbishy trinkets and flashy, trashy baubles proffered then everyone would lack for nothing, though Champagne and Caviar might not exist. We cannot all be self obsessed genocidal communitarian goons thinking ourselves chosen to be Marie Antoinette or a Sun King.

We can all be human and free though.