Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Moonie Vanilla

Nothing is what it seems to be especially when it comes to public worship and contract idolatry.

Lovely place by the looks of it. I like the mayor’s name. Reminds the reader that we are looking at a logistics centre run by the ChiComms and the Iberian Semitic Musselmans (Phoenicians).

Let’s have a closer squeek then.

If you expect me to believe that the lad that gave us spaghetti was just out for a jaunt and a lang lauf, that we are to view his great big boy’s book of adventures as nothing other than a personal farting around by a rich bastard, amazing how rich bastards do nothing but fuck around on the highways and byeways barred to the rest of us down through history, then you know where you can shuv’ it.

So you must also forgive me if you expect me to drink the full El Cid Sol with a slice of citron without a good hard stare at the Mediterranean.

Spaghetti Western?

This is not fiction.

Three postulations to bear in mind during the following rant.

1. The Med is always, always, on the secret maps I hallucinate marked as Phoenician.

2. The plans hatched, reformed, speculated about here predate the existence of USofA corp.; ergo USofA corp is not on the secret maps.

3. The split of the America’s between Portugal and Spain is on the secret maps though Phoenician marked.

So Manila where and what is it?

A litle bit of background about sea farers out East. Remember I have in the past postulated that sea voyages are a sacred undertaking (See the How Much Wealth series). So have a wander through this for a brief description and some ideas on structured maritime basing in the recent past.

Now when the lads chartered (contracted?) by the semitic(Phoenecian) Prince of Rome, turn up we get a bit of a logistics problem for them. Guess who?

Long haul from Manila.

Manila was where these ships to Acapulco were loaded with Chinese products. This brought a greater number of Chinese into Manila and other parts of Southeast Asia, where global trading was directed by a growing network of colonial powers. Despite the increased presence of Chinese in Southeast Asia during the Ming period, the ethnocentric tendencies of many Chinese prevented their integration into cultures and societies that were unfamiliar to them. Rather, the Chinese in Southeast Asia produced a subculture of exclusive Chinese neighborhoods and schools.

As an aside, did you notice that bit about non assimilation? Someone else has noticed very recently. I wonder if that is why the New Phoenicians in RCE/TA and the ChiComms are so tight . Remember the same memed slobs populate the world banking system and its replacement after all those thousands of years.

Anyway lets get back to Manila.

The voyage from Acapulco to the Philippines was a relatively easy one. By 1570, Acapulco became the trading port of the Manila galleons in the Americas, due to its excellent harbor, and overland accessibility to Vera Cruz on the Caribbean side of Mexico. Many treasure laden vessels brought silver from the New World mines such as the one at Potosi, Peru (now part of Bolivia), to Acapulco, and some of these vessels were also lost on the west casts of South and Central America. Leaving from Acapulco , in January, the Manila galleons would sail the usually calm seas to the Marianas using the favorable trade winds, and then on to the Philippines, which took a total of about three months time, though some of these Philippine bound vessels did wreck due to storms or other mishap, Until 1593, three or more ships would sail each year from both ports. Because the Manila trade was becoming so lucrative, Spanish merchants back home complained of lost profits and a law was passed in 1593 allowing only two ships to sail each year from either port, with one in reserve in both Acapulco and Manila. Even the tonnage of the vessels and their cargo was restricted under this new law, but these restrictions were largely ignored and were not enforced.

And the Chinese, as we’ve seen, didn’t hang around.

And adding a little colour, they stayed.

Some thirty to forty Chinese junks came to Manila around March of each year. The cargoes they brought included hardware, nails, pots & pans, gunpowder, saltpeter, furniture, jewels, and all kinds of foods. The merchandise that did not go into the Manila galleon for its eastbound voyage was eagerly bought by the residents of Manila. Some of the Chinese sailors and passengers remained behind when their ships went home, and they formed a Chinese community that grew rapidly; by 1600 there were about eight thousand Chinese in Manila, living alongside a few hundred Spaniards. Most of them became barbers, tailors, shoemakers, masons, painters, weavers, blacksmiths and other skilled workers, forming the middle class of Philippine society. To avoid paying the taxes levied on aliens and non-Christians, they took Filipina wives and/or were baptized. They sometimes joined the Church in disturbingly large groups; on one occasion, four hundred of them were baptized in one day. In 1603 a Chinese riot caused the Spaniards and Filipinos to panic; before it was over, 23,000 Chinese were massacred.

Looking at the world back then it was all joined together, globalised, using the best high tech. Chink Junks and 1500ton Spanish Galleons sailing, the old spice route and silk road pattering to the dusty donkey drivers eternal footfall. Most of the global population stuck in their static lives near their villages. The elites rubbing up against each other at the geographical limits of their power. Religion’s lethal virus spreading and mutating. Sitting above it all the funny money scam moving silver and gold supply & demand across the planet.

If we try and put those old voyages in perspective, it took 6 months out of Manila to Acapulco, then that means today a journey to the moon is peanuts.

What happened after that?

Well it must have been a shock to the elites to have new knowledge injected deliberately into the global system as the human experiment was to leap forward again. Just like when Alexander dropped the great secret about all the gods in every civilisation being recognisably the very same geezers, the last great mystery of the various schools.

Always the all powerful ignorant believers, played by the occult money power for the furtherance of uniforming the world. Who were the all powerful ignorant believers 500 years ago?

Who are they now?